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  1. PTFE Rotary Seal Shaft Considerations

    shaft table 3As we continue this blog’s PTFE series, we’re going to take a closer look at PTFE rotary seal shaft considerations.

    In rotating applications, proper surface finish is crucial for getting positive sealing and the longest seal life possible. Rotating surfaces that are too rough could create leak paths and can also be very abrasive. Unlike elastomer contact seals, PTFE lips can run on very smooth surfaces regardless of lubrication.

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  2. Which GORE Gasketing Material Should You Use?

    goresheetingGallagher Fluid Seals stocks a wide variety of GORE® Gasketing Products.  Realizing that every application is different, use the infographic below to determine which GORE gasketing material product best fits your application.

    If you’re uncertain which GORE product to use, please contact the Gallagher Engineering Department.

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  3. The New Generation of EPDM Materials

    EPDM materialsTheir outstanding performance in critical media makes Freudenberg’s new EPDM materials the first choice for a broad range of O-ring, molded part and diaphragm applications in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries, compliant with all essential national and international standards.

    Knowing what counts: as the market specialist for demanding sealing applications in process industries, Freudenberg Process Seals has expanded its range of EPDM materials and optimized it for use in the most critical application scenarios, allowing us to offer you uncompromising functionality for smoothly running production processes in an even broader spectrum of applications.

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  4. FDA and USP Class VI O-Rings

    class6oringGallagher is regularly a top 10 Parker distributor, stocking standard parts in its King of Prussia, PA and East Longmeadow, MA branches. The Gallagher engineering department also works with Parker engineers to create custom sealing solutions for our customers.

    Parker provides a wide range of specialty elastomers to accommodate the various critical sealing challenges presented by the life sciences industry. Selecting a suitable material is critical to patient health. For this reason, the FDA provides a standard (21 CFR177.2600) defining allowable rubber compound ingredients and extractibles based on toxicity and carcinogenicity.

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  5. Introducing Gallagher’s 40,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Facility


    With the purchase of Johnson Packings in 2014, Gallagher Fluid Seals gained a 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility in East Longmeadow, MA.

    The Gallagher manufacturing facility, with its 22 employees, is capable of fabricating many sealing products you’re probably already using in your production.

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  6. PTFE Rotary Lip Seals: Definitions

    rotaryseal2Over the past few weeks, we’ve gone into a lot of detail about how PTFE rotary lip seals work.

    Today we’ll offer up a short glossary of some of the terms used when discussing these seals. We'll also break down some of the factors affecting PTFE rotary lip seal design.

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  7. Thermoseal Gaskets Can Seal Every Application in Your Building

    thermoseal gasketsThermoseal Inc., an independent Klinger Company, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fluid sealing materials and fluid control products.  KLINGER is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of fluid sealing and fluid control products founded in 1886 by Austrian engineer, Richard Klinger.

    Thermoseal’s focus has always been on technical excellence, innovation, and dedication to the customer and their needs.  Thermoseal’s Engineering Services, working collaboratively with the Gallagher Engineering Department, is ready to examine and evaluate the application environment in which a gasket will be used, and their fully equipped test lab can provide insight into the performance of a joint.

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  8. Garlock Pitch Based Carbon Packings

    garlock1Gallagher Fluid Seals is a Garlock master distributor. At our facility in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, we stock a variety of Garlock packing materials in a number of sizes.

    We can provide our customers full spools of packing material, or customized packing sets cut to size and engineered specifically for their application.

    The Garlock compression packing facility is committed to supplying the highest quality engineered products to industries throughout the world. It is designed to give the user the greatest return on initial investment in terms of leakage control, service life, and dependable, cost-effective product.

    The facility also houses the Garlock textile division, where they continue to research and develop new fiber blends to bring customers a wide array of packings with optimum performance characteristics.

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