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  1. The Right Rod Seals for Every Application

    rod sealsGallagher is a longtime partner of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST).  Over the years, we have represented their many brands within the sealing industry, sealing hundreds of different applications.

    One such application is a rod seal, primarily used in a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Freudenberg's rod seals.

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  2. The Life Expectancy of Nonmetallic Expansion Joints

    expansion jointsExpansion joints are specially engineered products inserted into a rigid piping system to do a number of jobs.

    They absorb movement, relieve system strain due to thermal change, stress, pumping surges, wear, or settling, reduce mechanical noise, compensate for misalignment, and/or eliminate electrolysis between dissimilar metals.

    When expansion joints are designed, applied, and installed correctly, it is not unusual to achieve a service life of 15-20 years in most industrial applications. Read on to see what our partners at Garlock had to say about troubleshooting in order to expand the life expectancy of nonmetallic expansion joints.

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  3. The Advantages of Encapsulated O-rings

    encapsulated o-ringFEP-/PFA-encapsulated O-rings combine the excellent chemical resistance of PTFE with the elastic behavior of an elastomer.

    They are a top choice when the rubber-elastic quality of the seal is indispensable, but the application also requires better chemical resistance than traditional elastomers.  The Gallagher Engineering Department can determine if an FEP-/PFA-encapsulated O-ring is right for your specific application.

    In this blog post, our partners at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies outline some of the advantages of encapsulated O-rings.

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  4. Seal Material For Biodiesel

    Biodiesel Seal MaterialArticle re-posted with permission from Parker Hannifin Sealing & Shielding Team.  Original content can be found on Parker’s Blog.

    Gallagher Fluid Seals has long been a supplier of seals to the energy, oil and gas industry.

    From sealing applications in the renewable energy sector (hydroelectric, solar, wind, and thermal) to more traditional fossil fuel exploration and extraction in extreme environments, we’ve pretty much seen it all.

    One of the newer products energy/oil/gas sector products we've been working with is biodiesel.  And Parker, one of our most trusted sealing partners, has compounds made specifically for biodiesel.

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  5. The Benefits of Thordon Vertical Pump Bearings

    Gallagher FluidThordon Vertical Pump BearingsSeals is the northeast and Mid-Atlantic distributor for Thordon Vertical Pump Bearings.

    These bearings are among the many offerings from Thordon, a Canada-based manufacturer of high-performance, non-metallic journal bearing solutions.

    In addition to providing solutions to the marine, hydro-turbine, offshore oil, and other industries, Thordon designs and manufactures a complete line of grease and oil-free vertical pump bearings.

    Thordon also produces a number of water or medium-lubricated bearing grades which offer specific operating advantages for any pump bearing application:

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  6. Protecting Downstream Equipment with Garlock Strainer Gaskets

    Garlock Strainer GasketsGarlock Strainer Gaskets can help protect standard flange connections that are located upstream from sensitive or costly processing equipment.

    They remove particulate matter and debris from process fluids and can be deployed as a single filter or as a graduated system of several strainers that consume less space and at a lower cost than other methods, such as filtration cartridges.

    “Customers can now look to Garlock for an affordable and simple way to add filtration to their process flow,” Garlock Senior Product Manager Chris Hicks said in a news release announcing the new Garlock strainer gaskets in August.

    “The infinitely configurable nature of our strainer gaskets means we can help regardless of what your filtration needs are, or what the custom nature of your processing equipment is.”

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  7. Engineered Metal Sealing Solutions

    parkerArticle re-posted with permission from Parker Hannifin Sealing & Shielding Team.  Original content can be found on Parker’s CSS Division Website

    We’ve previously discussed elastomeric o-rings numerous times in our blog.  From o-ring cracking, to continuous molding technology, and even our own Definitive O-Ring Design Guide… Gallagher pretty much has you covered when it comes to elastomeric o-rings.

    But what about when the process or environment is TOO extreme; even for the most advanced elastomeric o-rings?  What do you do then?  You might want to think about using engineered metal seals from Parker.

    Read on to learn more about their benefits in their own words.

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  8. How to Troubleshoot Gasket Leaks

    troubleshoot gasket leaksWhile the expense of a gasket is usually an afterthought, the ability to troubleshoot gasket leaks are vital to the continued operation of plant equipment and the safety of your employees.

    Product leaking onto your floor obviously affects your bottom line, but it can also affect the employee who slips and falls.

    Gallagher has been specifying gasket materials for decades, so we know which material to use for which applications. And with specific vendors such as Garlock, we’ll always be able to get you the right material for your specific need.

    Read on to learn more from Garlock’s Dave Burgess and Matt Tones on why choosing the right gasket is so vital and how to troubleshoot gasket leaks.

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