Air Sentry® Saves Manufacturer $340K

Gearboxes are used on various types of industrial machinery to provide increased torque while reducing speed from one type of rotating power source to another using gear ratios. A gearbox can be set up to do the opposite and provide an increase in speed with a reduction of torque. Some of the simplest gearboxes merely … Continue reading Air Sentry® Saves Manufacturer $340K

Contamination Control for Power Generation

Coal fired power generation plants produce electricity making conveniences of modern life possible. The process and environment from which power flows is challenging for equipment. Water and coal dust are ever present. This combination of moisture and dust are the two most common avoidable contaminates found in lubricants. For this environment, the Air Sentry® X … Continue reading Contamination Control for Power Generation

Contamination Control for Cement and Aggregate Industries

Cement and aggregate facilities are dusty, dirty, humid environments. Sand, gravel, crushed stone and water are in use in many forms throughout the facility. Keeping solid particles and water vapor out of oils and machinery is important. Mobile equipment such as cranes and shovels are used to move materials around the facility or place them … Continue reading Contamination Control for Cement and Aggregate Industries

[VIDEO] Desiccant Breathers – Good, Better, Best

Air Sentry is a leading developer of desiccant breathers designed to keep particulate and moisture contamination from the headspace of gearboxes, reservoirs, tanks and other lubricant and fuel vessels. Air Sentry breathers, (including their industry leading GUARDIAN series), adapters and accessories ensure longer lubricant life, better performance and lower maintenance costs. Air Sentry products cover … Continue reading [VIDEO] Desiccant Breathers – Good, Better, Best

Custom-Built GUARDIAN® Desiccant Breathers

Air Sentry® set the standard for contamination control breather technology in 1997, creating new state-of-the-art features that reduced particulate and moisture contamination.  This innovative breather line was the first to integrate check valve technology and the first to offer replacement desiccant/filter cartridges, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Air Sentry’s GUARDIAN® is the industry-leading breather series.  It’s … Continue reading Custom-Built GUARDIAN® Desiccant Breathers

Replacing a Desiccant Breather

Watch how easy it is to change out an Air Sentry GUARDIAN® desiccant breather on a gearbox. GUARDIAN® is Air Sentry’s industry leading breather series. Some models feature an isolation check valve that keeps exhaust air from depleting the desiccant and protects from volatile fumes and splashing fluids. The GUARDIAN’s casing is constructed from Tritan®, … Continue reading Replacing a Desiccant Breather

VIDEO: GUARDIAN® Contamination Control Breather in Action

Air Sentry® set the industry gold standard with their first line of contamination control breathers in 1997, and now that standard is raised with GUARDIAN®. Watch the video below to see how the Air Sentry® GUARDIAN® protects your process fluids from particulates and moisture. Create PDF

Protecting Fluid Reservoirs from Contamination

Air Sentry® breathers should be an integral part of any proactive maintenance and reliability program. The breathers are designed to replace the breather cap or air filter on gear boxes, hydraulic fluid reservoirs, bulk storage tanks, oil drums, oil-filled transformers, and other fluid reservoirs.  Most older style air venting methods provide minimal, if any, contamination … Continue reading Protecting Fluid Reservoirs from Contamination