Bearing of Choice for Agriculture Industry

Agriculture - HarvesterVesconite and Vesconite Hilube are advanced engineering thermoplastics with a unique combination of properties ideally suited to bearing applications in the agriculture industry. Tried and tested in countless industrial settings over the past five decades, both locally and internationally, Vesconite thrives where traditional bronze and steel bushings often fail. In both dry, wet, dirty and unlubricated environments, Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube have proved themselves time and time again as long-lasting, low-maintenance bearing alternatives. Whether you’re a farmer, repairer or manufacturer of harvesters, planters, sprayers, harrows, etc, Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube should be considered as bushing and wear material substitutes.

I can’t understand why more farmers don’t use Vesconite.
-Old Farmer

This comment was made by an old farmer who had driven 185 miles (300km) to buy Vesconite bushings from our Johannesburg sales office.  We can’t help but agree with this sentiment – that any farmer who hasn’t tried Vesconite for bushes, and other sliding wearing parts is unwittingly creating unnecessary work and expense for themself.

So, what makes Vesconite special?

Vesconite’s self-lubricating properties do away with the need for regular greasing and equipment maintenance.

Vesconite’s low-friction translates into 3 to 10 times longer life compared to metal bushes, especially under dirty, wet or poorly-lubricated conditions.

Vesconite retains its material integrity and does not swell like nylon when exposed to moisture.

Fifty years of field testing and applications across a broad range of industries, in over 100 countries, Vesconite has proven itself time and again to be the low-friction polymer bearing of choice, and a superior alternative to metal and other materials.

Originally developed in the harsh conditions of the Free State gold mines (South Africa), Vesconite is as ideally suited to agricultural settings. Their successful applications include combine harvester steering shaft and kingpin bushes, pivot point bushes on planters, borehole pump bushings, front-loader bushes on tractors, articulating arm bushes on sprayers, and many more!

The Technical Stuff

  • Agriculture - Earthmoving EquipmentVesconite exhibits no swelling and is dimensionally stable in water. Unlike nylon, it is not affected by water absorption.
  • With a design loading of 30MPa (4,250psi), Vesconite is able to withstand high loads.
  • Vesconite offers superior performance materials. Bronze requires lubrication and has a higher friction coefficient.
  • Vesconite, elastomers and laminated materials tend to swell, and rubber is associated with high friction and stick-slip – this can result in shaft wear and vibration.
  • Vesconite does not require lubrication, and can therefore operate without greasing, protecting valuable arable land from oil contamination. Vesconite reduces shaft wear as there is no metal-on-metal contact. The material’s low friction also results in longer-lasting shafts.
  • Vesconite has a high abrasion resistance. This makes it suitable for grit, mud and water that creates a tough working environment for bushings and wear materials on agricultural applications.

If you have any questions, or want to learn how Vesconite can be implemented in your machinery or processes, please don’t hesitate to contact our engineering department.