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CIP Composites Replace Bronze Bearings

CIP Composites - Replacing Bronze BearingsGallagher Fluid Seals is a distributor of CIP Composites full product line. CIP Composites are laminated polymer materials made by impregnating textile with thermoset resins. The physical properties of CIP materials make them superior bearing materials. CIP Composites offer design engineers an attractive, cost effective alternative to the traditional material used for bushings, bearings, wear pads, and thrust washers. The following describes the physical characteristics and application factors to replacing bronze bearings with CIP Composites.

Physical Characteristics

Coefficient of Friction

CIP Composites have lower coefficients of friction than bronze in both static and dynamic situations. It is common to achieve 50% lower coefficients of friction when transitioning to composites. Bronze bearings pose a risk for metal to metal contact if grease is non-existent or not sufficient to support the shaft, and may develop high break-away torque requirements after prolonged periods of rest. CIP Composites are self-lubricated, minimizing the concerns with lubrication systems, specifically in high load, slow speed, or oscillating applications. CIP Composites eliminate noisy stick-slip problems, extend operating life and reduces wear, making for better operating efficiency.

Moisture Absorption

There can be concerns with moisture absorption for non-metallic materials. Moisture absorption can create swell and expansion of the bearing material and potentially premature failure. Some common plastics in use today have water absorption rates as high as 5-7%, which can lead to bore closure of the bearing and seizing on the shaft. CIP Composites have a negligible absorption of less than 0.1%, and effectively eliminate this concern when moving away from a metallic solution.

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Vesconite Hilube for Underwater Applications

Vesconite HilubeVesconite Hilube is a thermopolymer, designed for particularly difficult operating environments. Hilube is specifically recommended for moist and underwater applications. These include the pump and marine industry, where regular maintenance is not practically feasible or cost-effective. Displaying superior wear life, especially in poorly lubricated and dirty conditions, Vesconite Hilube has been shown to offer up to ten times the life of bronze bushings.

Vesconite Hilube incorporates an internal lubricant that translates into an exceptionally low friction coefficient. Combined with excellent dimensional stability, low wear rates and a high load-bearing capacity. Hilube has a PV rating (pressure x velocity) four times that of nylon bushings.

Vesconite is available in a wide range of rods, bushings, plates, and machined custom parts.

Hilube Key Features

No Water Swell
Fully saturated, Vesconite Hilube has a negligible moisture absorption rate (0.5%). Its linear swell rate of 0.07% allows for fine clearances in the majority of applications. By way of contrast, nylons absorb moisture by as much as 9% of total mass – resulting in high swell rates and critical loss of clearance, which can lead to seizures.

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Gallagher Becomes Vesconite Distributor

Gallagher Fluid Seals is proud to announce that we are now a distributor for Vesconite self-lubricating bearings and bushings.

Vesconite Product LineupVesconite – The Original

A specialized hard-wearing thermopolymer designed for challenging operating conditions, Vesconite gives up to 10 times the life of traditional bronze or nylon bushings. Combining high-load bearing strength, internal lubrication, a low friction coefficient and low wear rates, it does not require external lubrication, even where conditions are dry and dirty.  Over the past six decades, Vesconite has become internationally recognized as a versatile, high performance replacement for traditional bushing and bearing materials.

Tried and tested in literally thousands of applications across a wide range of industries  – from general industrial, to marine and agriculture. Vesconite has an impressive dimensional stability, and unlike many synthetic alternatives, it retains its strength under wet conditions and displays negligible creep under high load.

Vesconite is available in a wide range of rods, bushings, plates, and machined custom parts.

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Non-metallic Industrial Bearings

Non-metallic Bearings - ThorPlas BlueThordon non-metallic bearings have been used in a wide range of industries and various applications such as in pumps, pivot points, screw conveyors, hydro turbine wicket gates, agitators, and flocculator paddle wheels.  Thordon Bearings are design to work under the most extreme conditions: abrasive, corrosive, high impact load, high humidity, and infrequent maintenance periods.

Key Attributes


With a low inherent coefficient of friction, Thordon bearings typically do not require grease lubrication.  This results in reduced maintenance costs and safety issues.  Environmental and product contamination concerns associated with grease lubrication are eliminated.  Thordon Bearings are homogenous polymers with built-in lubricants.  The lubricants, being dispersed through the bearing material, continue to provide low friction through the life of the bearings.

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Thordon to Present @ HydroVision International Conference

Thordon - Hydro PlantAs the largest gathering of hydro professionals worldwide, join 3000+ attendees and 320+ exhibiting companies from around the world for a week of informative hydropower-focused meetings, workshops, tours, an extensive program and exhibition. HydroVision International highlights perspectives on the role of hydropower, explores issues affecting hydro resources, and helps participants develop a vision to meet challenges and ensure the future sustainability of hydro.

Benefits of Attending:
  • Build alliances among 3,000+ hydro professionals and water resource stakeholders
  • Attend multiple networking events to make a connection with colleagues
  • Share knowledge, expertise and viewpoints toward effective solutions
  • Gain a better understanding of current and future challenges affecting hydro during the 60+ conference sessions
  • Hear from over 400 hydro speakers
  • See the most comprehensive collection of 320+ hydro-related product and service providers on the exhibit floor
  • Promote technology development to sustain the hydro industry
  • Earn Professional Development Hour Credits – Attendees registered as Full Conference Delegates are eligible to receive 15 Professional Development Hours (PDH) credits.

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Converting Ships to Seawater Lubricated Shaft Lines

Re-posted on behalf of Thordon Bearings.  Gallagher Fluid Seals is a longtime distributor of Thordon Bearings in New England and eastern NY.

Thordon Bearings and Drydocks World Team Up To Convert Ships To Seawater Lubricated Shaft Lines


Thordon Bearings and Drydocks World-Dubai (DDW-D) have today signed a milestone agreement under which the UAE-based shipyard will work together with Thordon Bearings Inc. to promote the conversion of ships’ oil lubricated propeller shafts to Thordon’s COMPAC open seawater lubricated bearing system.

Thordon and DDW-D

The agreement will create an action plan in which a specialist team, comprised of Drydocks World-Dubai and Thordon Bearings’ personnel, offer support to ship managers and owners looking to ensure their vessels are fully compliant with environmental legislation prohibiting the discharge of oil from the oil-to-sea interface of ships’ propeller shafts. Shipowners could face substantial financial penalties if their vessels are found to be non-compliant.

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Which Bearing Material is Best for Your Pumps

Thordon Bearings is the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance, long lasting bearings that require no oil or grease.  Thordon is recognized around the world as the bearing material of choice for thousands of pump repair shops, OEM’s and end users.

Thordon’s abrasive wear rates far outperform all the other “standard” bearing materials, such as phenolic, PEEK, rubber, and many others.  The table below shows the bearing volume loss in a Rotary Drum Abrasion Test (ASTM D 5964-96).

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Thordon PT80 Fluid Bearings: Product Overview

Thordon PT80 Fluid BearingsFor more than  40 years, Thordon has provided a line of bearings products that are capable of carrying the operating loads found in all kinds of demanding applications, yet are flexible enough to resist wear due to 3rd party particle abrasion.

Thordon PT80  Fluid Bearings are the newest polymer material to join the company’s elastomer bearing family, developed to provide an increased operating temperature limit of 176°F (80°C), while maintaining similar mechanical properties to the existing Thordon elastomer grades.

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The Benefits of Thordon Vertical Pump Bearings

Gallagher FluidThordon Vertical Pump Bearings Seals is the northeast and Mid-Atlantic distributor for Thordon Vertical Pump Bearings.

These bearings are among the many offerings from Thordon, a Canada-based manufacturer of high-performance, non-metallic journal bearing solutions.

In addition to providing solutions to the marine, hydro-turbine, offshore oil, and other industries, Thordon designs and manufactures a complete line of grease and oil-free vertical pump bearings.

Thordon also produces a number of water or medium-lubricated bearing grades which offer specific operating advantages for any pump bearing application:

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Thordon Bearings for Every Industry

Thordon1Thordon Bearings designs and manufactures a complete range of high performance, non-metallic journal bearing solutions for marine, pump, hydro-turbine, offshore oil and other industrial markets.

From water lubricated stern tube and rudder bearings for ships to grease free wicket gate bearings for clean power generation, Thordon provides innovative non-polluting bearing solutions that meet or exceed the technical requirements of your application.

Since the first Thordon bearing was developed in 1966, Thordon has continuously improved its high performance polymer technologies and bearing designs to become the world leader in elastomeric bearing technology. Our applications engineering and global technical support teams can support your most unique bearing technical challenges.

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