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Lunch-and-Learn Employee Training

Lunch-and-LearnAre you having trouble finding the time to get a training session up and running?  Need an insightful presenter to engage your employees?  Contact your Gallagher Fluid Seals Account Manager, or fill out our Lunch-and-Learn online form to discuss if a Lunch-and-Learn makes sense for your organization.

What Exactly is a Lunch-and-Learn Program?

A lunch-and-learn program is a training or presentation session facilitated and provided by Gallagher Fluid Seals and one of our key vendors.  They usually last approximately 30-45 minutes (i.e. an employee’s lunch hour).  It’s usually held in an employee cafeteria, auditorium, or conference room.  This concept provides easy access to participants, and is typically less formal than most standard training sessions.  As an incentive to your company and the training participants, Gallagher Fluid Seals will provide lunch!

Lunch-and-Learn programs are an easy way to develop and motivate employees, while creating an environment of communication, collaboration, and learning.

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Becoming “The Seal Specialist”

At Gallagher Fluid Seals, we strive to deliver sealing solutions where there was previously a failure – to be our customers’ Seal Specialist.  Our position as an independent distributor allows us the freedom to be truly objective, analyzing the various options available from our suppliers, and providing the optimal sealing configuration for your application.

But with many different product lines at our fingertips, how do we know what seal, gasket, o-ring will work the best in your application? We position ourselves as The Seal Specialist, but it’s not just a motto or a tagline, it’s a culture here at Gallagher.

Seal Specialist - Training & DevelopmentIn 2016, our sales team attended over 1200 hours of training… that’s more than 150 eight hour work days… that’s over 30 five-day work weeks.  They trained with some of our key vendors such as Parker, DuPont, Garlock, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, GORE, Thermoseal, and Thordon, to gain a better understanding of their product lines.

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Gallagher Acquires Commo Sealing Products

Gallagher Fluid Seals is pleased to announce that they have acquired Commo Sealing Products of North Providence, Rhode Island.  Established in 1997, Commo Sealing Products was a fabricator of mostly rubber gaskets and sealing elements, with the majority of their customers located in and around the greater Providence area.

Commo Sealing
Gallagher Fabrication/Sales Office – East Longmeadow, MA

Current Commo Sealing customers will be serviced by Gallagher’s Fabrication/Sales Office located in East Longmeadow, MA.  The East Longmeadow facility boasts over 40,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space.

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Gallagher Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

Gallagher 60th anniversary
The Gallagher family

Gallagher Fluid Seals recently held its 60th anniversary gala, inviting employees, family, and friends to Sunnybrook Country Club in Blue Bell, PA for a night of celebration and reflection.

As Gallagher celebrates its 60th anniversary, we’ve decided to use this space to look back, and discuss what the future holds.

The year was 1956.  Elvis Presley owned the airwaves, and was emerging as one of the world’s first rock stars.  Felix Wankel (Germany) developed the first rotary internal combustion engine.  The cost of a first-class stamp was three cents. And in a small house in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, with four young children and a wife, Walter B. Gallagher started Gallagher Fluid Seals.

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Gallagher Provides Training to Customers (CEUs available!)


CFO to CEO: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave?”

CEO to CFO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

-Peter Baeklund

I’m sure everyone has heard the above statement is some fashion over the past few years.

Very few employees these days work for pay alone, and providing training and opportunity for advancement is paramount to your ability to recruit and/or retain the best employees.

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Introducing Gallagher’s Spring Energized Seal Guide

Spring Energized Seal GuideGallagher Fluid Seals is pleased to introduce its latest publication, the Spring Energized Seal Guide.

When elastomeric seals fail – whether due to chemical attack, extreme temperatures, extrusion or other causes – spring energized PTFE seals perform reliably.

We think you’ll read this 28-page guide and come away with useful information on these unique sealing solutions. Inside, you’ll find:

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Introducing the Gallagher EAR Form

Gallagher EAR formGallagher Fluid Seals is pleased to announce the launch of its new engineering application request (EAR) form, designed to help our clients get answers to their sealing problems.

In a way, it seems fitting that we’re using the acronym “EAR” for this form, because it allows us to listen to our client’s needs.

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Webinar: A New Generation of Freudenberg Polyurethane

Freudenberg Polyurethane“This is an exciting time for us, because we do have a new generation of polyurethane.”

That’s Greg Daniels of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, speaking in the recent webinar we ran with our friends at the German company.

He’s talking about the benefits of 94 AU 30000, a durable, effective new sealing solution. Here are the basics of some of the characteristics of this new Freudenberg polyurethane:

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Gallagher Seals Lunch & Learn

Gallagher Seals lunch & learnIn the past few years, Gallagher Fluid Seals has greatly expanded the ‘Lunch and Learn’ events that we hold for our customers and prospects.

These events are typically aimed at organizations that have engineering departments or maintenance staffs whose jobs require them to interact with seals on a consistent basis.

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Gallagher Seals CEO Honored by Montgomery College

Joe and Kathy Gallagher
Joe and Kathy Gallagher

Normally, we use this space to discuss Gallagher Fluid Seals products and services.

But today we’re sharing some good news: Gallagher CEO Joe Gallagher and his wife Kathy were honored recently for their work with Montgomery County Community College.

According to the college’s alumni magazine, the Gallaghers were inducted into the college’s Alumni Hall of Fame – as honorary alumni — at a ceremony late last year.

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