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85 Years of the Simmerring®

Small, nondescript and ostensibly unspectacular – it is often developments of this exact description that lead to groundbreaking innovations in the world of technology. The idea of manufacturing seal sleeves from leather scraps became the starting point in one of the most important developments in sealing technology: the Simmerring®. For 85 years, the Simmerring has been inseparable from the Freudenberg history of success, and, in Europe, its name has even become a synonym for (radial) shaft seal rings of every kind. Today the Simmerring is a high-tech product whose key functions go far beyond the sealing of the shaft against its housing.

Freudenberg SimmerringIt all started with the economic crisis of 1929, which plunged the leather industry and thus the Freudenberg tannery – which was founded in 1849 – into difficulties. To better distribute its risks in the future, Freudenberg began to diversify the company and serve a broader market. A sample of a leather sleeve from the United States was the inspiration for giving Walther Simmer and his team the job of developing a machine that could be used to produce lip seals made of leather scraps.

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New Sealing Material HiFluor® FB

Article re-posted with permission from Parker Hannifin Sealing & Shielding Team.
Original content can be found on Parker’s Blog.

New Sealing Material HiFluor® FB for Hygienically Sensitive Applications

HiFluor® FB - Hygienically Sensitive Sealing MaterialBe it in the production of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics or medical devices coming into contact with the human body, excellent purity and media resistance combined with a wide range of robust properties is always required of the materials used for the components in the manufacturing processes. Specifically for these challenging applications, Parker has developed a new sealing compound with very good mechanical properties and excellent permanent elasticity: HiFluor® FB V8991.

Fluoroelastomeric materials have proven their viability in chemical and food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and life science applications involving non-polar solvents, aliphatic compounds, greases, oils and aromatic substances whenever the resistance of standard materials such as hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) and ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) is no longer sufficient.

Innovative “Pure” Sealing Solution HiFluor® FB V8991

As a compound and seal manufacturer, Parker Prädifa, in the light of the growing demands made on sealing elements in the aforementioned markets, has developed a HiFluor® FB compound with very good mechanical properties and excellent permanent elasticity.

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What is a Spring Energized PTFE Seal?


Spring energized PTFE seals perform reliably in a variety of applications where conventional elastomeric seals fail due to chemical attack, extreme heat or cold, friction, extrusion or compression set.

PTFE seals have three basic design elements:

  • A pressure-actuated U-shaped jacket
  • A metal spring loading device
  • High performance polymeric seal materials

So what is a spring energized PTFE seal? It’s a spring-energized U-cup that uses a variety of jacket profiles, spring types and materials in rod and piston, face and rotary seal configurations. They are used when elastomeric seals fail to meet temperature range, chemical resistance or friction requirements.

Jacket profiles are made from PTFE and other high performance polymers. Spring types are available in corrosion-resistant alloys, including stainless steel, Elgiloy and Hastelloy.

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How Maintenance Can Stop Hydraulic System Failure

Hydraulic piston system for bulldozers, tractors, excavators, chrome plated cylinder shaft of yellow machine, construction heavy industry detail, selective focusAs you set out to reduce hydraulic system failure, it’s important to recognize sources of contamination as part of your maintenance program.

Our partners at Parker, long-time suppliers of O-rings to Gallagher Fluid Seals, offer these common forms of contamination in your hydraulic systems:

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PTFE Rotary Seal Shaft Considerations

shaft table 3As we continue this blog’s PTFE series, we’re going to take a closer look at PTFE rotary seal shaft considerations.

In rotating applications, proper surface finish is crucial for getting positive sealing and the longest seal life possible. Rotating surfaces that are too rough could create leak paths and can also be very abrasive. Unlike elastomer contact seals, PTFE lips can run on very smooth surfaces regardless of lubrication.

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HNBR Sealing Compounds for Energy, Oil, & Gas Service

HNBR compoundsParker’s HNBR sealing compounds provide cost-effective solutions in aggressive EOG environments.

N1173-70, N1231-80 and KB163-90 are sealing compounds made from hydrogenated nitrile, a synthetic polymer that results from the hydrogenation of nitrile rubber (NBR). The hydrogenation process gives HNBR materials enhanced thermal stability (up to 149°C/300°F, with short periods at higher temperatures).

HNBR materials also possess superior mechanical properties and enhanced fluid compatibility over standard nitrile compounds. These properties allow HNBR materials to be a  cost-effective bridging compound between nitrile and fluorocarbon elastomers.

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Extruded and Spliced Seals from Parker

extrudedParker’s precision extruded and spliced seals offer an ideal, cost effective sealing solution for many applications.

Their spliced products include hollow low-closure force seals, large diameter rings that cannot be molded, “picture-frame” gaskets and custom configurations for non-standard grooves. Rings are available in a wide range of sizes with capabilities for very tight tolerances.

Customers can choose from a large variety of profile cross-sections and different material technologies. Parker’s superior vulcanization technology offers high bond strength, uncompromised chemical resistance and consistent flexibility.

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More Common Reasons For O-Ring Failure

O-Ring failure
O-Ring rubber

A few weeks ago on this blog, we discussed a few of the common reasons for O-Ring failure.

Typically, O-Rings fail due to adverse effects of a number of factors, from improper installation and lubrication to incorrect size and design.

Today we’ll continue that discussion by looking at three more reasons why O-Rings fail, along with ways to identify and correct these failures.

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Gallagher Fluid Seals Acquires Johnson Packings

toplogoGallagher Fluid Seals has announced its acquisition of Johnson Packings and Industrial Products, one of New England’s largest distribution and manufacturing companies.

“We are incredibly pleased to welcome Johnson Packings and their 28 employees into the Gallagher organization,” Gallagher President and CEO Joe Gallagher said. “We look forward to working with the strong customer base, vendors and employees of a company that has been as successful and in business as long as Johnson Packings. We feel that all of these factors, in addition to the new gasket fabrication capabilities, greatly enhances the position of Gallagher Fluid Seals in the marketplace.”

Based in East Longmeadow, MA, Johnson has been supplying gaskets, seals, packings and accessories for nearly eight decades, building a sterling reputation for providing quality products and reliable customer service.
By acquiring Johnson, Gallagher will have a broader range in finding solutions for engineers. It improves Gallagher’s already strong place in New England market, and represents the latest step in the company’s continued growth.

Begun outside Philadelphia by Walter Gallagher, Sr., Gallagher Seals is celebrating its 58th year in business. We specialize in the application, design and distribution of fluid seals, and offer a full range of elastomers and high performance sealing devices for the semiconductor, chemical processing, fluid power, aerospace, and energy, oil & gas industries, as well as general industrial, heavy equipment, medical and instrumentation companies.