CIP Composites for Hydro Applications

Hydropower has been used for thousands of years and represents the largest, most efficient and proven renewable energy source on the planet. The rehabilitation and repowering of existing generation stations, as well as developing generation at non powered dams, and introducing pump storage strategies provide a multitude of opportunities for continued growth within the industry. Water management in much of the world is faced with changing regulations to support the balancing act between power generation, ecological sustainability, and agriculture irrigation. New technologies, equipment, and modern controls systems to optimize production are aiding the industry in this balance while continuing to increase power generation.

CIP Composites - Hydro BearingsSuppliers, like Columbia Industrial Products, must be equipped to provide quality assurance, formal documentation, and products that will perform for decades in mixed use environments. CIP has built a solid reputation while working with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Utilities, and Contractors fulfilling these requirements while providing a high quality bearing product.

CIP Composites is the leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly, self-lubricating bearings and wear pads designed to replace greased bronze components inside a variety of turbine designs, gates and valves, and auxiliary equipment. CIP composite products provide the perfect balance of performance, availability, and cost to satisfy the most rigorous demands of your hydro generation project, no matter the schedule or scale.

CIP Hydro™ is recommended for most hydro projects, however, our sales team will recommend the best material for your specific application.

CIP Composites - Hydro Bearings - TurbinesInside the Generation Plant

Tested by Powertech labs and an approved material by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, CIP Hydro is an excellent bearing material designed specifically for inside generating plants. With the capability of running dry without grease or submerged under water, CIP Composite bearings are the ideal choice for replacing your greased bronze.

Fish Screens & Ladders

CIP Composites - Hydro Bearings - Fish Screens

Fish screens and ladders are a vital component to many dams and require the least amount of environmental impact for fish to survive and thrive. CIP Composites eliminate complex lubrication systems, including grease zerks, in the high loaded, slow rotating applications found in fish screens and ladders. CIP Composite bearings reduce maintenance, do not corrode and can act as an electrical insulator in applications requiring thrust washers, plain bearings, or wear pads.

Trash Rakes

Trash rakes remove debris in the water and need to conform to many environmental regulations to help keep the water contaminate free. The use of CIP Composite bearings replace traditional greased bronze bearings and is often used as trash rake sleeve bearings, chain ways and thrust washers.

CIP Composites - Hydro BearingsLocks & Gates

With excellent coefficients of friction, tested by Power Tech labs, CIP Composite material is ideal for locks and gates. The greaseless material is a 100% non-metallic bearing material (no fiberglass or metallic shell) which allows for high edge loading and misalignment capabilities. Successful applications include spillway gates, roller gates, intake gates, stop gates, bulkhead gates, sluieway gates, weir gates, and navigation locks.