Freudenberg Diaphragms: A Versatile Design Element

Freudenberg diaphragms Diaphragms may be used in an array of applications, including pumps, actuators, hydro-accumulators, valves, and regulators.

Freudenberg has the expert engineering and materials expertise to provide the high performance diaphragms your equipment demands, in standard or custom-designed sizes and formats for any application. Its teams have been directly involved in the development and growth of the diaphragm industry, and they bring that expertise to every customer collaboration.

Trust Freudenberg for the complete range of products plus the global service and expertise your business deserves. Diaphragms made from elastomeric materials provide specialized sealing solutions for virtually any industrial sector and can fulfill the following basic functions:

  • Pump function
  • Control or switching function
  • Accumulation or separation function

Expert Diaphragm Design and Engineering

Freudenberg puts the best engineers in the industry to work for you, with more than 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing elastomer diaphragms with fabric reinforcement, different types of inserts, and PTFE foil coating.

From its leadership at the emergence of the diaphragm industry through its continued growth and experience, Freudenberg has become the market leader in Europe for diaphragms and runs global operations. Freudenberg offers extensive design support (including simulation capabilities – FEA) and testing facilities to ensure high quality, reliable diaphragms for your applications.

Composite Diaphragms

Composite diaphragms can be designed to meet the specific requirements of customers’ applications:

  • Reliable media stability due to the availability of more than 10 different PTFE or TFM foils (regarding thickness and consistency)
  • Tightness and flexibility due to a wide choice of rubber materials
  • Plentful slection of fabrics available to find the right balance between pressure resistance and flexibility
  • Different insert materials (plastic or metal) can be bonded to the elastomer material.

The main technical features of composite diaphragms:

  • Elastomer material (flexibility and tightness)
  • PTFE Foil to media side which provides media stability
  • Metal/plastic insert fixing to other components and transferring of force
  • Fabric to provide pressure resistance
  • Long term engineering experience in development
  • No stick-slip effect

Freudenberg diaphragms

In-house Testing and Validation

At Freudenberg’s application test facility, the company is able to design and test custom diaphragms, accurately assessing and verifying product behavior during the development. Freudenberg offers a range of comprehensive tests including flow tests, consumer good life-cycle testing, and heat age or accelerated life-cycle testing, and we custom-design tests to meet customer specifications.

Freudenberg diaphragms are manufactured from compounds certified for use in specific applications, helping to ensure that your products will comply with local, national, and international standards.