Freudenberg Energy Saving Seal

Energy Saving SealThanks to the combination of elastomers capable of withstanding extraordinarily high thermal loads and a friction-optimized sealing lip, the energy-saving seal (ESS) enables the power loss in drive assemblies to be greatly reduced.

The radial shaft seal ESS improves sealing performance by reducing friction between the seal lip and crankshaft through a reduction in radial load of 50% when compared to sprung rubber lip seals and 75% when compared to PTFE lip seals.

Not only does the friction improvement reduce power consumption and improve fuel economy, it also reduces the amount of heat generated at the seal lip and crankshaft interface. The reduction in heat reduces the potential for coked oil build-up and heat aging (hardening) of the rubber. Coked oil build-up, which can reduce the pumping capability and is a typical failure mode of standard PTFE seals, is virtually eliminated.

Seal Retention
The Diamond Seal has two types of beads located around the profile of the seal. The stabilizer bead prevents the seal from tipping into the groove. The retention bead provides the interference with the groove wall providing exceptional retention.

Method of Operation

energy saving sealThe Energy Saving Seal operates by pumping oil through a precision molded spiral interfacing with a rotating shaft which directs oil back into the engine or transmission. With the spiral pattern and its multiple points contacting the shaft, there is less risk associated with poor shaft conditions such as porosity or other imperfections, which are often the downfall of the sprung lip seal with its single point of contact with the shaft. The radial shaft seal ESS utilizes Simrit’s proven fluorocarbon compounds developed and produced within our manufacturing facilities worldwide.

energy saving seal





 Operating Conditions

The ESS design is proven to work in extreme eccentric conditions:

  • 0.5 mm TIR shaft dynamic run-out
  • 1.25 shaft to bore mis-alignment
  • Withstands pressure up to 2.5 psi
  • Withstands vacuum conditions up to 5.8 psi

The Energy Saving Seal improves air leakage in cold engine tests compared to PTFE seals and yields consistently low air leak rates at typical assembly plant conditions.



Materials Expertise & Service

Freudenberg-NOK mixes rubber compounds in-house and tests at the time of production for quality. We offer an assortment of rubber colors allowing for easy part differentiation. Our molding and assembly processes include 100% visual inspection at the source. At the time of new launch, products are matched with the production process that best meets goals for cost and performance. When new products are launched prototype and production parts are manufactured using the same process ensuring a smooth launch from prototype to mass production.

Freudenberg-NOK is globally located to support you. We are ready to work with your team to understand your specific application requirements in order to offer a solution that optimizes valve durability, oil consumption and emissions.


  • Significantly reduces friction between the seal lip and crankshaft
  • Reduces power consumption by 50-75%, improving fuel economy at standard operating speeds
  • Lowers seal lip temperature virtually eliminating coked oil failure mode and reduces heat aging of rubber
  • Maintains sealing performance at 0.5mm TIR dynamic run-out and 1.25mm TIR shaft to bore misalignment conditions
  • Reduces cold test air leakage
  • Improved robustness against pressure (tested up to 2.5psi)
  • Increased robustness against vacuum (tested to 5.8psi)
  • Ease of installation and serviceability when utilized with a flanged casing
  • Reduced shaft wear compared to standard FKM and PTFE seals


World-Class Manufacturing

  • Zero Defect Philosophy – Our global commitment to Six Sigma quality levels is evident in every step of every process and guarantees each part, no matter where it is produced.
  • Production Know How – The Freudenberg-NOK organization draws from more than 150years experience in producing seals.
  • Global Production Flexibility – With facilities world-wide we are capable of supporting production programs globally.
  • Testing – State of the art test and measurement equipment for design validation and development.
  • System Responsible – Our entire approach to effective sealing is based on the knowledge that consistency is the key to reliability. The complete value of our systems approach is a function of leveraging Freudenberg-NOK’s quality and dependability in every component.