Garlock Style 215 Helps Steel Products Manufacturer

Garlock Style 215 Helps Steel Products Manufacturer With Harsh Acids

picture of garlock style 215 expansion jointGarlock Style 215 Expansion Joints are PTFE concentric spool-type flexible couplings that are designed to reduce noise and compensate for expansion, contraction, and minor piping misalignment in chemical processing, air conditioning, and heating systems.

The complete assembly includes a fluorocarbon resin PTFE body, electroless nickle-plated ductile iron flanges, polyethylene-covered restriction zinc plated bolts, and stainless steel corrosion-resistant reinforcing rings.

Case Study


Primary Metals


South American manufacturer of flat and long steel products


Construction of two new facilities including a hot rolling mill.


The plant was in need of expansion joints that could handle chemicals on their pickling lines. Pickling is a metal surface treatment used to remove impurities, such as stains, inorganic contaminants, rust or scale from ferrous metals. A solution called pickle liquor, which contains strong acids, is used to remove the surface impurities. It is commonly used to clean steel in various steel making processes. The line required an expansion joint with a PTFE tube to handle the pickle liquor which included hydrochloric and sulfuric acid, but a very short overall length for installation.


  1. Size: 10.000”ID Style 215
  2. Temperature: 120°F
  3. Application: pickling line
  4. Media: pickle liquor with strong acids including hydrochloric and sulfuric acid
  5. Pressure: up to 120 PSI


A style 215 Garlock expansion joint was recommended as the perfect solution to handle strong acids with a short installation face to face. The convolution design and shape provides extra-long flex life at high temperatures. Style 215 has a 100% pure PTFE body that is made to withstand corrosion and harsh acids found in pickle liquor. The proprietary multi-ply contour molding process ensures consistent wall thickness for excellent blowout resistance.

Style 215 was able to offer a solution that ensured efficient installation, and an expansion joint that had proven to withstand harsh acids. The customer ordered multiple pieces with confidence that Style 215 would meet their sealing needs.

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