KLINGER Expert, Gasket Selection Assistance from Thermoseal

KLINGER expert

KLINGER®expert’s aim is to provide solutions to your gasketing problems, using years of experience, technical information and laboratory test results.

The innovative software takes your specifications and suggests the right KLINGERSIL® compressed gaskets grades, along with homogeneous graphite metal laminates and KLINGERtop-chem® PTFE sealing element. KLINGER expert shows you all of the variable parameters and allows you to change them on the screen. You choose the relative importance of function, cost, and handleability.

You can choose between standard ANSI and DIN flanges or enter details of your own specific flange. KLINGER expert will automatically calculate maximum and minimum sealing stress and fastener torque in all popular grades.

KLINGER®expert Selection Software

klinger2KLINGER expert gasket design program is a versatile piece of software written and published by the Klinger Group to assist users, specifiers and engineers in the selection of appropriate grades of non-metallic gasket materials. The program uses industry standard calculations to generate all information involved with selection of suitable materials.

The range of functions that can be performed are:

  • Automatic selection of gasket material based on media and conditions
  • Automatic calculations for ANSI, and DIN flanges
  • Calculations for custom flanges if not covered by the above
  • Automatic calculation of maximum and minimum sealing stress
  • Automatic calculation of bolt torque requirements
  • Safety by Design
  • Integrity of assembly

Each gasket material’s capabilities are accurately represented in the program, and required gasket stresses are calculated with consideration to temperature, pressure and selected leakage rate. The user-friendly analysis screen can highlight possible problems, offer corrective suggestions, save, retrieve and print out the data.

The DIN and ANSI size flange database along with non-standard dimensional capabilities provides quick and accurate analysis. Gasket material capabilities are backed by laboratory test data to ensure performance.

The gasket calculation screen gives you the resulting gasket stress, torque requirement, and leakage rate based on the information provided.

The program is available on the app store for both Apple and Google Android devices. There’s also a desktop Windows application available from KLINGER Austria (download here).