Isolation Gasket Solutions from Thermoseal

KLINGERSIL® C-7400 Isolation Gaskets

Application Overview:

Some applications in plants call out for isolation kits to maintain the integrity and reliability of a pipeline and piping system. Isolation kits are designed to work in conjunction with flanges, gaskets, and/or bolt sleeves and washers by eliminating metal-to-metal contact and halting static electric currents. At times they are relied upon for critical applications in severe temperatures and conditions.

KLINGERSIL C-7400 - Isolation Gaskets replace Isolation Kits

The Problem: 

Industry’s first choice are phenolic gaskets. They are often supplied in kits, but they are hard and typically take a lot of load to seal. And lack of load is the number one reason for gasket failure.

The Solution:

KLINGERSIL C-7400 - Isolation Gaskets replace Isolation KitsKLINGERSIL C-7400 is an EPDM and aramid fiber gasket material that can satisfy both sealing and electric requirements. Gaskets made from this material provide an effective seal with its low minimum sealing stress, and its non-conductive properties provide electrical isolation of the flanges.

KLINGERSIL C-7400 can be used as a non-conductive isolator and as a sealing material in bolted joints replacing phenolic gaskets. KLINGERSIL C-7400 has the highest dielectric strength when compared to many of the other Thermoseal products. The dielectric strength of KLINGERSIL C-7400 is 22 kv/mm.

Gallagher Fluid Seals is an Authorized Distributor for Thermoseal Inc., an independent KLINGER Company.  We stock and distribute many different styles of Thermoseals’ compressed fiber gasketing, as well as PTFE and Graphite based materials.  If you need to know which type of Thermoseal material is best for your specific application, please contact us today.