Lunch-and-Learn Employee Training

Lunch-and-LearnAre you having trouble finding the time to get a training session up and running?  Need an insightful presenter to engage your employees?  Contact your Gallagher Fluid Seals Account Manager, or fill out our Lunch-and-Learn online form to discuss if a Lunch-and-Learn makes sense for your organization.

What Exactly is a Lunch-and-Learn Program?

A lunch-and-learn program is a training or presentation session facilitated and provided by Gallagher Fluid Seals and one of our key vendors.  They usually last approximately 30-45 minutes (i.e. an employee’s lunch hour).  It’s usually held in an employee cafeteria, auditorium, or conference room.  This concept provides easy access to participants, and is typically less formal than most standard training sessions.  As an incentive to your company and the training participants, Gallagher Fluid Seals will provide lunch!

Lunch-and-Learn programs are an easy way to develop and motivate employees, while creating an environment of communication, collaboration, and learning.

Key Benefits of Lunch-and-Learn Programs

  • Lunch-and-LearnThe sessions make excellent use of time, which is already limited throughout the day.
  • The brief informal setting allows a better channel for understanding and getting the direct point across.
  • Group training reinforces the overall company culture.
  • Creates critical awareness for issues at hand.
  • Effectively introduces any new organizational initiatives.
  • Boosts employee morale.
  • Builds and maintains teamwork skills.
  • Enhances team communication.
  • Advances other company training initiatives.
  • Allows a level of expertise to be shared amongst other employees.
  • Raises the motivation level necessary for fulfilling company objectives.
  • Helps satisfy government and federal legal training requirements (or CEUs).

Overall, Lunch-and-Learn programs create an open channel for information flow and training. Whether the training is targeted towards product development, professional & personal development, skill set training, or even life skills, these sessions can result in a boost in employee motivation and skills needed for a valuable and successful work experience.

Here at Gallagher, we believe training is vital to any organization’s success.  And successful customers are good customers.  So contact us today if you have an interest in setting up a lunch-and-learn for your organization.