The Non-Asbestos Alternative: TEADIT NA 1122

Gaskets from NA 1122 Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet Material

For nearly five decades, the fluid sealing industry attempted to TEADIT NA 1122 Sheetpinpoint an ideal solution to replaced asbestos-based gaskets… until recently. TEADIT’s NA 1122 is a Compressed Non-Asbestos sheet rubber specially formulated for severe-service applications.

NA 1122 sheets provide a new option that meet the needs of users while helping to avoid the hazards of using asbestos-based gaskets in the workplace.

TEADIT style NA 1122 was developed to exhibit superior thermal stability during extreme thermal cycling applications. It is specifically recommended for saturated and superheated steam services but has also proven itself to be very effective in sealing liquid petroleum derivates, ethanol, chemical products and other fluids.

Produced from a combination of inorganic fibres and special fillers and bonded with nitrile rubber (NBR), it is manufactured through the hot calendar process under rigorous quality control standards that are registered under ISO-9001 certification. TEADIT style NA1122 is also available with wire reinforcement.

Through testing, and even under severe application conditions,NA 1122 Performance Curve gaskets fabricated from NA 1122 sheet can provide outstanding performance without leakage. The NA 1122 sheet has reached its target of work above 800° F and 1480 psi without leakage. The maximum temperature limits of the NA 1122 is 1022°F, and the maximum pressure limit is 2177 psi.

For more information, check out TEADIT’s NA1122 datasheet or visit them online.