Orion Engineered Seals “Pneumatic Sealing Device”

orion pneumatic sealing deviceThe Orion Engineered Seals pneumatic sealing device (PSD) is an engineered pneumatic sealing system designed to seal the shafts of machines where typical contact seals such as packing and/or mechanical face seals prove to be too costly to operate and maintain.

PSD Sealing system features:

  • Efficient design minimizes air usage while maintaining internal sealing pressure profile
  • Resilient to angular and parallel shaft movement
  • Pressures /temperatures to 120psi/575oF
  • Split seals available in most designs
  • Wide range of materials available covering most application requirements
  • Requires little or no maintenance after installation

How the Pneumatic Sealing Device Works

The pressure profile forms a circumferential boundary layer internally that mitigates the effects of shaft movement because the throttle is designed to float. The standard PSD is designed so the air flow in/out of the seal is biased at 50% as can be seen in the image below. Installed correctly the PSD is essentially a non-contact seal which is why it requires no maintenance. In those situations where there is angular misalignment OES PSD-AM design is utilized. In all cases the PSD is engineered to meet our customers specific requirements and performance expectations.

Profile of Pneumatic Sealing Device

The PSD relies on engineered clearances to develop a uniform sealing pressure/velocity profile. This eliminates low pressure areas mitigating the chance of product ingress into the seal. This can be seen in the pressure profile map from a CFD analysis of the PSD.

how it works pneumatic sealing device Orion

Who is Orion Engineered Seals?

Orion Engineered Seals is a customer-focused organization specializing in innovative bearing protection and product sealing technology.

They provide quick delivery of all our off-the-shelf products for common industrial applications and have the application expertise and resources to solve complex sealing problems.

The original content and specifications can be found on Orion Engineered Seals’ website here.

Gallagher Fluid Seals is a preferred distributor of Orion Seals. For more information on Pneumatic Sealing Devices or to speak with an engineer, contact Gallagher Fluid Seals.