VIDEO: Sealing Solutions for Mobile Machinery

Gallagher Fluid Seals is a longtime distributor of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, a market and technology leader in many sectors – including mobile machinery for the agriculture and forestry, construction and mining industries.  Decades of experience in manufacturing, the art of materials, and continuous innovations flow into Freudenberg’s unique product portfolio.

Mobile machinery has to manage very difficult environmental conditions, such as moisture, rough weather, huge temperature fluctuations, UV-radiation, not to mention sand, mud, and ozone.  Cassette seals from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies persevere for long service life.  Watch the video below to see how Freudenberg cassette seals can be implemented in mobile machinery.

Enhance Performance & Safety of Static Radial Seals

O-ring/back-up ring combinations have long been considered the industry standard for static applications at high pressures. In field use, however, they may show weaknesses with respect to their installation and operation in the application. Standard O-rings  are often prone to twisting, while back-up rings are oftentimes not installed in the proper position or damaged during installation. Furthermore, this sealing combination may exhibit deficits when HS Profile Radial Sealexposed to pulsating pressures and dirt. Parker has developed the HS radial seal profile as a viable alternative to to conventionally used O-ring/back-up ring combinations for static sealing applications at high pressures.

The robust symmetrical seal geometry and use of particularly extrusion-resistant Parker polyurethane compounds not only simplifies installation but also enhances the sealing effect in pulsating pressure conditions. As a result, service life is significantly extended.

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Which Bearing Material is Best for Your Pumps

Thordon Bearings is the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance, long lasting bearings that require no oil or grease.  Thordon is recognized around the world as the bearing material of choice for thousands of pump repair shops, OEM’s and end users.

Thordon’s abrasive wear rates far outperform all the other “standard” bearing materials, such as phenolic, PEEK, rubber, and many others.  The table below shows the bearing volume loss in a Rotary Drum Abrasion Test (ASTM D 5964-96).

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Gallagher Acquires Commo Sealing Products

Gallagher Fluid Seals is pleased to announce that they have acquired Commo Sealing Products of North Providence, Rhode Island.  Established in 1997, Commo Sealing Products was a fabricator of mostly rubber gaskets and sealing elements, with the majority of their customers located in and around the greater Providence area.

Commo Sealing
Gallagher Fabrication/Sales Office – East Longmeadow, MA

Current Commo Sealing customers will be serviced by Gallagher’s Fabrication/Sales Office located in East Longmeadow, MA.  The East Longmeadow facility boasts over 40,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space.

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How To Choose The Right Semi-Metallic Gasket

semi-metallic gasketThere are many variations of semi-metallic gasket available in today’s market.  The combination of metal and a soft gasket material merges the sealing ability of the soft material with the structural integrity of the metal.

The most common styles of semi-metallic gasket include spiral wound gaskets, corrugated, jacketed, and kammprofile gaskets.

Pumps & Systems magazine outlined the proper way to select a semi-metallic gasket. Read on to learn more:

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VIDEO: How to Install an O-Ring – Standard Female Gland

Article re-posted with permission from Parker Hannifin Sealing & Shielding Team.  Original content can be found on Parker’s Blog.

This is the second in a series of video blog posts telling viewers how to install an O-ring.  Last month, we discussed how to install an O-ring on a face seal gland. In today’s post, we’ll look at the best way to install an O-ring on a standard female gland.

Female glands can sometimes be a bit of a challenge for O-ring installations, but there are a few key tips that will ensure success.  Watch the video above from Parker to learn how to properly install an o-ring in a standard female gland.

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The Freudenberg Simmerring: Born Out of Necessity


In order to tell the story of the Freudenberg Simmerring we need to go back in the days of the Roman Empire.

That’s where Freudenberg begins in its history of these sealing products:

Even in ancient times, water was considered one of the costliest commodities. It was the job of engineers to find ways to transport the valuable liquid from its sources into the cities with minimal loss – often over hundreds of kilometers.

The explosive growth of metropolises would have been inconceivable without a secure supply of water – after all, the daily per capita consumption around 100 A.D. was nearly three times what it is during the 21st century.

Lead pipes in a casing of “Roman concrete” were mostly used in ancient Greek and Roman water lines. The efficient integration of these elements required special care. The sealing of the difficult-to-maintain pressure pipelines therefore required several layers of mortar.

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FEP-Lined Expansion Joint for Chemical Processing

FEP-Lined Expansion JointGallagher Fluid Seals represents a number of expansion joint manufacturers, enabling us to provide an expansion joint for any piping system in any industry.  One of our more popular expansion joints is the GUARDIAN® 306 EZ-FLO® by Garlock.

It’s a spool-type expansion joint featuring an FEP lining that is fused to the body of the expansion joint.  The GUARDIAN® 306 EZ-FLO® is designed for the chemical processing and pulp & paper industries, where its ability to resist corrosive attack at normal and elevated temperatures and pressures is unequaled.

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When to Use Segmented Gaskets

segmented gasketsThere are a number of situations where your product or process may require segmented gaskets.  Because of how sheets of gasket material are manufactured, some pieces of machinery are too big to utilize a single-piece gasket.

But you can also use segmented gaskets to get better yield from a sheet of gasketing material, minimizing the waste generated with centers.

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3 Advantages of a Double Chamfer Radial Seal

double chamfer radial seal

Article re-posted with permission from Parker Hannifin Sealing & Shielding Team.  Original content can be found on Parker’s Blog.


O-Rings are still considered the “go-to” sealing element in many applications.  They can seal a wide range of pressures, temperatures, and tolerances.  They also require very little room, are readily available, and easily sourced.  But there are applications that may be better suited with an alternate type of seal, such as a double chamfer radial seal.

In a recent blog post, our partners at Parker discussed the advantages of using a double chamfer radial seal.

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