Protect Motor Bearings from Premature Failure

BPD-GB - Motor Bearing Protection DeviceThe Orion Engineered Seals patented Bearing Protection Device (BPD) represents state of the art bearing protection technology and is the premier non-contacting bearing protection device offered. The BPD was designed with an understanding of the nature of the bearing housing environment under all operating conditions and utilizes the laws of physics to create what has proven to be the best performing and most cost effective way to protect the bearings of your rotating equipment.

BPD-GB – Motor Bearing Protection Device

Problem: The increased use of VFD’s offers substantial efficiency improvements. However, a key drawback is stray VFD generated currents that result in premature motor bearing failures.

Solution: The BPD-GB

  • Specifically designed to divert the stray current that is generated by VFD’s; utilizes established grounding brush technology.
  • Incorporates all of the standard BPD contamination exclusion features
  • Most effective current diversion technology available today
  • Performance is consistent throughout the life of the seal. Minimum operating life rating is 5 years of continuous duty.
  • Standalone grounding brush available for applications where there is minimal airborne contamination, i.e. , HVAC applications.
  • No special shaft coatings required as is required with fiber brush technology.
  • Works on all shafts and surfaces.

BPD-GB - Motor Bearing Protection Device

The Orion Engineered Seals BPD can be used all throughout the plant.  There are a variety of designs already created for Pumps, Motors, Gearboxes, Pillow Blocks, Turbines, Oil Mist applications, Paper Machine Rolls, and many other specialty applications.  But as Orion’s name implies, they are manufacturing “Engineered Seals”, and would be happy to design a custom sealing solution for your worst application.

Gallagher Fluid Seals is your authorized distributor of Orion Engineered Seals BPD in the northeast and mid-Atlantic.  If you have questions about the BPD and how to implement it into your processes, please contact us today!