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The Advantages of a Canted Coil Spring Energizer

picture of springs

When considering polymer jacketed seals — especially PTFE-based products — some form of energizer is typically required. These types of seals are usually specified to operate both in very high pressures, low pressures, or even in a vacuum.  

At certain pressures (typically above 100psi), the system pressure will energize the seal and prevent leakage. But at low pressures, additional energy is required to force the jacket material to mate with the hardware.  

The solution to this is to add a spring to the seal. The spring provides the needed sealing-energy to prevent leakage at low media pressures.

When considering a high pressure-application, there are start/stop conditions where the system is at low pressure. If the seal allows some amount of leakage at low pressure, it becomes possible for that leakage level to increase once as the pressure builds.  

This phenomenon is called “blow-by.” Once it occurs in a system, it’s difficult to get the seal to seat and seal correctly.

Canted Coil Spring Energizer

There are several types of energizers to consider when specifying a seal. These can be as simple as an O-Ring or some other elastomer.  Continue reading The Advantages of a Canted Coil Spring Energizer