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Elastomeric Expansion Joint Installation

Expansion Joint Design GuideGallagher recently released its Expansion Joint Design Guide, now available for download on our site.  This design guide takes an in-depth look at elastomeric, metal, and flue duct expansion joints.  The excerpt below is a section of our Expansion Joint Design Guide focusing on types of elastomeric joint installation, pipe layouts, and joint troubleshooting.  To download the entire guide, visit our Resources Page, or click on the image to the right.


Expansion Joint InstallationCheck Service Range
  • Double check expansion joint performance limits against anticipated operating conditions
  • Check temperature, pressure, vacuum recommendations
  • Check total joint deflection—alter as needed to reduce deflection to correct range
  • Anchor lines
Check Location
  • Proper location is usually close to main anchoring point
  • Install pipe guide(s) for proper alignment
  • Joint should absorb pipeline expansion / contraction between fixed anchor points

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