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Protection for Flooded Gearbox Shafts

Orion Seals BPD-C - Gearbox ApplicationThe Orion Engineered Seals patented Bearing Protection Device (BPD) represents state of the art bearing protection technology and is the premier non-contacting bearing protection device offered. The BPD was designed with an understanding of the nature of the bearing housing environment under all operating conditions and utilizes the laws of physics to create what has proven to be the best performing and most cost effective way to protect the bearings of your rotating equipment.

The BPD-C Works in Flooded Environments

Orion Seals - Gearbox ApplicationProblem: Traditional sealing methods for the flooded gearbox shafts are inadequate, resulting in oil leaking out of the gearbox, creating an environmental and safety hazard.

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Air Sentry® Saves Manufacturer $340K

Air Sentry® - GearboxGearboxes are used on various types of industrial machinery to provide increased torque while reducing speed from one type of rotating power source to another using gear ratios. A gearbox can be set up to do the opposite and provide an increase in speed with a reduction of torque. Some of the simplest gearboxes merely change the physical direction in which power is transmitted.

Gearboxes are used in many applications, such as wind turbines, conveyors, draglines, bridges, wastewater treatment pumping systems, and many other large pieces of machinery that require a power source.

In an effort to cut costs and improve system reliability, a manufacturer of high quality construction materials examined maintenance costs of their fifteen facilities. One of the findings showed spending in excess of $650,000 annually to maintain and repair 500 gearboxes across all plants.

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