Advanced PTFE Gaskets for Demanding Applications

picture of GYLON BIO-PRO PLUSAs a trusted supplier of high-performance sealing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, the Garlock family of companies knows that gaskets can make or break a sanitary process. But how has material technology been evolving? This blog will discuss how material technologies are meeting manufacturing challenges to help pharmaceutical companies adapt to smaller batch sizes, frequent changeovers, leaner operations, vendor consolidation and stricter regulations.

Gasket performance directly impacts a manufacturer’s ability to safely and effectively operate a sanitary environment in pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries,” says Stephen Doherty, Garlock’s global segment leader. “Regardless of whether the application is an integral part of the process, or within critical utilities such as clean steam, ultra-pure water (UPW) and water for injection (WFI), the demands on gasket material are tougher each year.” Continue reading Advanced PTFE Gaskets for Demanding Applications