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Elastomeric Expansion Joint Components

From the outside, an elastomeric expansion joint looks to simply be made out of molded rubber.  Part of the reason expansion joints are used in such a wide variety of applications is that the interior construction of a joint can be custom-designed to handle your specific application – materials of construction will depend on size, temperature, application, media, pressure (S.T.A.M.P.).

Layers of Construction


  • Synthetic or natural rubber forms seamless, leak-proof lining
  • Extends fully through bore to outer flange edge
  • Common materials include chlorobutyl, neoprene, natural rubber, EPDM, Viton* and Hypalon*

Body or Carcass

  • Expansion JointWhen wrapped or plied, reinforcements provide support and flexibility between tube and cover
  • Fabric reinforcement: polyester or other suitable fabrics impregnated with specified elastomers
  • Metal reinforcement: bonded rectangular steel rings [exclusive to Garlock], or continuous strands of wire and round steel body rings
  • Metal reinforcement rings provide longer service life, extra safety protection, and extra rigidity, allowing higher pressure ratings

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