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Case Study: GYLON EPIX™ 3504 EPX

GYLON EPIX™ - 3504 EPXGYLON EPIX™ is a family of gaskets that effectively seals a broader range of applications and is more forgiving during the installation process.  It allows the end user to save valuable turn-around time, reduce re-work, and lower costs, helping them to finish ahead of schedule and under budget.

GYLON EPIX™ features a hexagonal surface profile that provides the torque retention and blowout resistance of a thin gasket and the conformability of a thicker gasket.  GYLON EPIX™ Style 3504 EPX is a high performance, aluminosilicate microsphere filled PTFE sheet material designed for use in moderate concentrations of acids, and caustics, as well as hydrocarbons, refrigerants, and more.


Material Processor


Cement Manufacturer


The customer experienced gasket leaks in their piping system.  This caused lost time due to repairs and clean-up efforts.


Several issues that plagued the system – abrasive media stream caused gasket and flange erosion, and low strength bolts prevented the customer from using higher performance gasketing materials that require higher assembly stresses to properly seal.



  • Media: Dry Cement
  • Temperature: 185°F (85°C)
  • Pressure: 102 psig (7 bar)
  • Class 150 Raised Face Flanges
  • Grade 2 Bolts (low strengths, 57ksi yield strength)


The customer’s desire to have a sealing solution that could work with flanges in their current condition, as well as the lower strength bolt led to the evaluation of the GYLON EPIX™ 3504 EPX in a 6″ 150# raised face flange.  The 3504 EPX gasket effectively seals the damaged flange faces with the lower strength SAE Grade 2 bolts.

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