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Metal Seal Terminology and Profiles

At Gallagher, we often receive unique requests for challenging projects, and customers who might be intimately familiar with elastomeric seals might have a better fit utilizing metal seals for their application. But, why might someone use a metal seal?

A metal seal is used when the application conditions are outside the specification limits of a polymer; extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme pressure, or a vacuum. With significant resilience coupled with the right material selection/coating for an application, a metal seal can be a very durable seal performing dependably year after year.

In order to understand metal seals a bit better, GFS thought it might be worthwhile to discuss metal seal terminology, and different profiles.

This is a short guide to reference common terms and profiles that may to new to end-users.

In this blog post, we will discuss the following:

  • Common terms of metal seals
  • Standard formed metal seals
    • O-rings
    • C-Rings
    • Spring energized C-Rings
    • U-Rings
    • E-Rings
    • Metal Wire Rings
    • Axial C-Seal
    • Boss Seal
But first, let’s go over some common metal sealing terms.

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