VIDEO: Thermoseal Presents – How to Properly Install Gaskets

install gasketsIn today’s post, we’ll look at the proper way to install gaskets.

In the past, we’ve used this blog to discuss the hidden cost of gasket failure. While gaskets represent a fraction of the cost of the machines or systems in which they are installed, the consequences of a failure can range from nuisance leaks to catastrophic failure.

And with that failure comes damage to equipment, lost production time, non-compliance penalties, along with loss of customer confidence and even the threat of litigation.

In that article we said that 68% of gasket failures were due to insufficient load, stemming from improper installation, misapplication, poor flange design and/or bolt selection, and rotated flanges. Today, we’ll look at the first section of that list.

How to Install Gaskets

If you’re wondering how to install gaskets, we’d like to help. Below is a step-by-step video of the basics of safe and reliable gasket installation.

This video features Paul Francis, Thermoseal’s Technical Manager. We hope you find it useful!