VA179: Industry Leading High Temperature FKM

High Temperature FKM - VA179The O-Ring & Engineered Seals Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, recently announced the launch of VA179, a new extreme high temperature fluorocarbon (FKM) compound. VA179 is an innovative, 70 durometer rubber seal material providing increased high temperature limits while maintaining chemical resistance and low temperature sealing consistent with standard FKMs.

VA179 consists of a breakthrough rubber technology increasing the FKM continuous high temperature limit an additional 20°C (68ºF) over standard FKM materials on the market today. This provides a new industry sealing solution to long-term compression set issues for customers using traditional fluorocarbons and silicones.

“In markets such as aerospace, automotive, and heavy-duty, we are frequently challenged to expand the temperature capabilities of our rubber compounds,” says Nathaniel Sowder, aerospace, military and chemical processing business development engineer, O-Ring & Engineered Seals Division, “With the launch of VA179, we now have a solution that will reach higher temperatures without sacrificing the low temperature and chemical resistance attributes that make standard FKM such a popular choice.”

VA179 provides a wide range of market and application potential with its competitive cost structure compared to more expensive sealing options. For decades, customers have used more expensive FFKM materials and metal seals for applications requiring temperatures greater than 200°C continuous.

“Semiconductor equipment engineers are constantly tasked to reduce the cost of running their tools. In high temperature processes, they often pay a premium for FFKM materials thinking it is the only option to reach the PM interval,” says Justin Byarski, life science, microelectronics, and general industrial business development engineer, O-Ring & Engineered Seals Division, “VA179 is a great new addition to our offering in those areas where FFKM is overkill.”

Turbocharger - VA179For decades, sealing applications with temperatures greater than 200°C continuous, was a very expensive proposition requiring either FFKM rubber or metal seals. Parker’s FKM technology breakthrough compound, VA179-70,increases the FKM continuous high temperature limit another 20°C to fix long term compression set issues for customers using traditional FKMs, silicones or AFLAS® compounds. VA179-70 maintains the low temperature sealing and chemical resistance consistent with standard FKMs, but increases high temperature limits. The application potential for this new technology is wide ranging, from automotive to general industrial to oil & gas. Contact Parker OES Applications Engineering to discuss how the VA179-70 can work for you.

VA179 Product Features

  • -15 to 437ºF (-26 to 225ºC)
  • 527ºF (275ºC) excursions
  • Oil and hydraulic fluid resistant
  • Compatible with diesel, biodiesel, and flex fuels
  • Drastic improvement in compression set at 225ºC over traditional FKMs
  • Use in applications such as turbochargers and jet turbines
  • Available in o-rings and custom-molded shapes

Press release originally appeared on Parker’s website on 9/25/18.