Vesconite Steps Up to Help During Coronavirus Pandemic

A message from one of Gallagher’s valued suppliers:

Vesconite Willing to Manufacture Ventilators

The Coronavirus is likely to result in a need for hundreds of thousands of ventilators worldwide: data shows 5-10 % of people infected need to be supported on ventilators for two to three weeks.

Vesconite has extensive machining capabilities. With 70 CNC lathes and machining centers, they can manufacture a wide range of mechanical components.

Though they are experts in bearings and bushings, they know nothing about making ventilators… but they stand by to help those in need.

If you have ventilator expertise or know a company that does have the expertise and would like to have Vesconite become involved, please fill out this form. Join with them so that they can help to manufacture the thousands of ventilators that are needed.

From the CEO of Vesconite, Dr Jean-Patrick Leger:

South Africa, where Vesconite is headquartered, has a population of 58 million. If 10% of the population is infected (5.8 million), an estimate (based on Italy with 7% of cases critical) is there may be a need for 400,000 ventilators.

To listen to a report from “the front line”, here is a New York Times interview with the head of the respiratory unit of an Italian hospital:

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