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Clean Energy

  • Hydro Electric

    Thousands of customers across the world, in both rehabilitation and new turbine projects, know Thordon Bearings is the proven choice for performance and value.

  • Hydro Electric Turbines

    Thordon continues to innovate for the clean power generation industry and offer different bearing grades and configurations to meet the demanding needs of your applications.

  • Hydro Electric MainGuideBearing

    "Thordon has lasted twice as long as the previous phenolic bearing.  And the longer lifespan has kept labor and material costs down while expanding uptime." - Hydro-electric Plant, Ontario, Canada

Whether implementing a new hydro-turbine project, or rehabilitating/rebuilding an old hydro-turbine, Gallagher Fluid Seals is at the ready with a full-line of long lasting Thordon Bearing and seal system designs that require no oil or grease.

Thordon Bearings is a pioneer in producing high performance, long lasting bearing and seal system designs that require no oil or grease.  Thordon's elastomer grades (SXL, GM2401, HPSXL) offer the best combination of strength/stiffness with flexibility/elasticity and abrasion resistance.  ThorPlas Blue, a thermoplastic grade, is a full form bearing that can operate at higher pressures than Thordon elastomers.  Regardless of grade and configuration, Thordon Bearings do not require oil or grease lubrication in dry or wet conditions.

  • Long wear life and lower maintenance costs mean lower life-cycle costs
  • Self-lubrication eliminates pollution risk
  • Superior customer service means quick delivery and less downtime
  • Full-cycle technical support from Thordon includes system design, machining, installation, and after-sales service
  • Certification to SO 9001:2008 ensures consistent custom and stock solutions

Zero Pollution Bearing Systems

Thordon Bearings help preserve the natural environments in which they operates.  Their bearings and seals are pollution-free solutions.

  • No oil or grease lubrications, wet or dry
  • Extremely long wear life
  • Reliable - no headaches with grease lines failing

Watch the process of converting a hydro-turbine main shaft guide bearing from an oil lubricated system to water.

Providing water as an alternative to oil lubrication is a long standing area of expertise for Thordon Bearings. Their innovative non-metallic bearings have been operating in the hydro industry for over 30 years.

Long Life-Cycle Solutions, Lower Cost and Downtime

Now you can cut maintenance costs, reduce downtime, and get longer, more reliable bearings.  This lowers the life-cycle costs for your core bearing needs.

Thordon's unique polymers outperform other bearings:

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Very low wear in abrasive water environments
  • High resistance to shock loading and vibration
  • High pressure performance to 70 MPa (10,000 psi)
  • High resilience


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