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Industrial Bearings

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    CIP Composites are laminated polymer materials made by impregnating textile with thermoset resins. The physical properties offer design engineers an attractive, cost effective alternative to material traditionally used for bushings, bearings, wear pads, and thrust washers, such as bronze or nylon.

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    Manufactured as tubes and sheets, CIP Composites can be manufactured into a wide range of parts including plane bushings, flange bearings, split bearings, wear pads, spherical bearing assemblies, wear rings, and other custom products.

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    Commonly used to replace more traditional bronze, nylon and other thermal plastics. CIP Composites are ideally suited for high load, slow speed applications and are designed to operate without external lubrication, and offer smooth quiet performance. 

Industrial applications can be found in many industries and range from hydraulic cylinders to heavy duty equipment. Many industrial applications are in harsh environments including dirt and mud, chemicals, a range of temperatures, and hard to reach locations, making maintenance a challenge. Equipment down time for maintenance and repairs can be detrimental to the industry.

CIP Composites™ offers solutions for rigorous industrial applications by extending wear life while reducing or eliminating lubricants and undesired maintenance. As a general guide, CIP Composite bushing materials can replace your current bronze or nylon based wear and bearing materials. Sold in tubes or sheets for easy machining onsite, or manufactured into a wide range of parts with short lead times.

CIP Composite Material Benefits

  • Self-lubricating – solid lubricants are dispersed evenly throughout the material
  • Low coefficient of friction – elimination of stick-slip; better operating efficiency
  • Low wear rate – highly resistive to wear and abrasion
  • High edge load / high shock load capabilities – stable where side loading is anticipated, and where misalignment is present without damage or fracture
  • Wet or dry running – capable of operating in fresh or salt water, many chemical solutions, or in dry unlubricated applications
  • 100% bearing material – lubricated throughout the bearing; no fiberglass or metallic shell

Common Applications

  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Pumps
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Handling Systems
  • Earth Drilling & Processing
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Chain Rail Guides
  • Agriculture Equipment

Visit CIP Composites™ website for more product information.  If you have specific application questions, feel free to contact us and our Engineering Department will review your application.