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Pump Bearings

  • Vesconite Pump 237x164

    Vesconite Hilube requires no lubrication, does not swell, and can operate in dirty conditions, making it a perfect bearing for any pumps operated in abrasive conditions.

  • Vesconite Pump2 237x164

    If you're still using OEM repair kits for bearings, let Vesconite and Gallagher design an alternate solution. Vesconite's no lubrication, no swell bearings offer a maintenance-free, low cost solution.

  • Vesconite Pump3 237x164

    Vesconite Hilube replaced an OEM bearing in a condensate pump assembly and it resulted in four years of maintenance-free operation... in a pump that formerly required SEVEN annual maintenance rebuilds.

Vesconite has been used for decades in a wide range of specialized pump bushing applications. The material thrives in water and exhibits excellent dimensional stability, with zero delamination. The result is low downtime and associated hassle factor. Its friction coefficient range of 0.1 – 0.2 allows for dry starting – an issue commonly associated with high wear rates in traditional bushing materials. Corrosion of the bushing is entirely eliminated with Vesconite, Vesconite Hilube is recommended for most pump applications.


  • Vesconite does not swell or distort in water.
  • Vesconite does not delaminate.
  • Vesconite does not corrode.
  • Vesconite requires no lubrication.
  • Vesconite is resistant to oils and fuels.
  • Vesconite bushings are easy to fit and remove.
  • Vesconite prolongs shaft life.


  • Lineshaft bushings in vertical turbine pumps.
  • Support bushings and wear rings in pumps.
  • Stuffing box bushings in vertical turbine pumps.
  • Impeller support bushings in sump pumps.

Material Comparison

  • In the case of pump impeller and case wear rings, tight clearances are required. Swelling and distortion can be an issue with traditional bushing materials. This is not the case with Vesconite due to its virtually zero water absorption rate and dimensional stability.
  • Unlike bronze or rubber bushings, fresh and saltwater serves as an effective  lubricant for Vesconite. This makes it an ideal material for pump bowl bushings and stuffing box bushings.
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