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Corrugated Metal Hose

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    Hydroforming of corrugations enhance flexibility and cycle life, maintain wall thickness, reduce concentrated residual stress, and minimize work hardening

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    Hose Master has a variety of corrugated hoses, all of which can be welded to virtually any fitting that meets or exceeds the chemical compatibility and pressure/temperature rating of the hose

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    In addition to annular corrugated hose, Hose Master also offers helical hoses, made by pre-forming stainless steel strip, overlapping the material, and continuously resistance-welding the seam together

When selecting a hose, there are three variables to consider: pressure-carrying capability, flexibility, and chemical compatibility.  If chosen correctly, the corrugated hose will perform optimally, but if chosen incorrectly the hose will undoubtedly fail.  Gallagher and its team of engineers can help you determine which corrugated hose best fits your application.

Customized solutions are essential in industrial engineering because of individual design criteria. Corrosive fluids, large movements, vibrations, and a wide variety of pressure levels, as well as extreme temperatures: The person responsible for plant engineering or equipment design must take many factors into consideration.

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