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Flue Duct

  • Parker.EJ1

    The trusted RM® Dynex and JM Clipper® brand non-metallic expansion joints have been installed in over 75,000 applications globally

  • Parker.EJ2

    Available with U-type corners, belted rectangular corners, round, and odd/custom shape objects and multiple frame styles with and without internal baffles and flow liners

  • Parker.EJ3 insulation

    Hot-to-hot, hot-to-cold, and cold-to-cold frame-to-duct equipment configurations available, with or without insulation pillows (normally required for operating temperatures over 750°F)

Flue Duct Expansion Joints manage air and gas handling systems for the Power Generation, Industrial, Institutional industries.  They are used in simple cycle, combined cycle, co-generation, and coal-fired power plants; in industrial operations such as paper mills, cement plants, and steel mills; and in institutional sites such as hospitals, schools, and university campuses.

With unlimited combinations of materials from Parker, RM Dynex, and JM Clipper, we have the flexibility to meet the thermal, chemical, and environmental demands of the most diverse systems, equipment and processes.

Customized solutions are essential in industrial engineering because of individual design criteria. Corrosive fluids, large movements, vibrations, and a wide variety of pressure levels, as well as extreme temperatures: The person responsible for plant engineering or equipment design must take many factors into consideration. High quality expansion joints supplied from Gallagher are as practical as they are cost-effective. Together with your team, Gallagher will discuss your proposal and its requirements and then create a detailed quotation with precise technical specifications.

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