Polyacrylate (ACM)

Polyacrylates are copolymers (ethyl acrylates), consisting of a polymerized ester and a cusing monomer.   ACM possesses outstanding resistance to petroleum oils and fuels, even at high temperatures.

Features & Benefits

  • High resistance to UV and ozone degradation
  • Resists flex cracking
  • Excellent resistance to hot oil, transmission and Type A power steering fluids


Standard Color:            Black or Green
Min. Temperature:    -25°F  (-31°C)
Max. Temperature:   +300°F  (148°C)
Hardness (Shore A):    40 to 90

Disclaimer: These are general material guidelines.  All application data should be submitted in order to specify the correct material for your application.  All materials should be tested in your application.


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