Polyurethane (AU/EU)

There are two types of polyurethane, polyester urethane (AU) and polyether urethane (EU). Both exhibit outstanding abrasion and tear resistance, and have the highest tensile strength available among all elastomers, while also exhibiting good elongation characteristics.

Ether-based urethanes (EU) show better flexibility in low-temperature applications, while ester-based urethanes (AU) provide improved abrasion, heat, and oil swell resistance.

Features & Benefits

  • Ozone and aging resistance
  • Abrasion resistance (EU)
  • Chemical resistance to:
    • Aliphatic hydrocarbons (propane, butane, and fuel)
    • Water up to 125°F / 50°C (EU type)
    • Silicone oil & grease
    • Mineral oil & grease



Standard Color:            Amber or Black
Min. Temperature:    -30°F  (-34°C)
Max. Temperature:   +175°F  (79°C)
Hardness (Shore A):    40 to 90

Disclaimer: These are general material guidelines.  All application data should be submitted in order to specify the correct material for your application.  All materials should be tested in your application.

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