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Spiral Wound Gaskets

Garlock SpiralWoundFamilySpiral wound gaskets are metallic gaskets designed to stand up to intense heat and pressure applications.  Spiral wound gaskets have incredible recovery properties that are engineered for flange joints, pumps, heat-exchangers and other high temperature and pressure static applications.

A range of metallic materials can be wound to exact precisions, or combined with other alloys to lower cost.  Standard profiles can utilize an external ring to center the sealing surface, or offer internal rings to offer additional compression limiting while providing additional heat and corrosion resistance.

The unique manufacturing process allows for each spiral wound gasket to be manufactured to your exact size and material specifications without any custom tooling or dies. 

Mouse over the above images to learn more about these products.  Consult a Gallagher Engineer with specific application questions.


Style RWI features an inner ring, spiral winding, filler material, and a centering ring for use in higher pressure applications.

The FLEXSEAL® RW is engineered for ASME flanges with metal windings, filler material, and a centering ring. Style RW offers excellent general purpose performance for raised face flanges. Its durable construction and consistent compression deliver superior safety and exceptional sealing performance.

Style SW features a spiral winding only, making it suitable for tongue and groove, male-female, or groove-to-flat face flanges.

Style SWI features spiral windings with an inner ring, containing preformed metal and soft filler material. It is suitable for tongue and groove, male-female, or groove-to-flat face flanges

The EDGE®is a spiral wound gasket that features our proprietary STABL-LOCK™ inner wrap construction and and outer ring with relief ports to reduce inward buckling.

The FLEXSEAL® Heat Shield™ provides outstanding fire resistance. It’s ideal for thermal oxidizing environments and provides a good choice for plant steam drums, hydrocarbon cat crackers, hydrogen units and exhaust manifolds.