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Buffer Seals

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    Buffer seals are designed to protect the main rod seal from the effects of shock pressure loading.  Pressure spikes can have unforeseen impacts on the primary rod seals. 

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    Utilizing a buffer seal in conjunction with a primary rod seal will contribute to extended sealing system lifespan, reduction in cylinder maintenance and equipment downtime.

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    Through a rapid prototyping program you can have small quantity production runs in your hands within a week or even sooner if required.

Case Study Icon FABuffer seals protect the primary rod seal from excessive pressure loads and spikes.  Buffer seals must allow adequate lubrication of the main rod seal, and prevent pressure to build up between the two.

Buffer seals are typically designed into hydraulic sealing systems in heavy-duty applications.  The buffer seal is placed closer to the piston to absorb the pressure during the stroke.

Case Study Icon FAThere are many rod and buffer sealing profiles, and positions within the cylinder that they can be arranged.  Gallagher engineers have tremendous experience with these types of applications.  Gallagher can optimize your rod sealing system to match your specific application needs.

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