GFS-P07 Piston Seal

GFS-P07 Piston Seal

The GFS-P07 Piston Seal is a double-acting piston seal utilizing PTFE paired with an elastomer energizer and x-ring for optimum performance and durability. The PTFE seal ring and the x-ring together provides the dynamic sealing function, while the elastomeric energizer provides the static sealing. The standard GFS-P07 seal face includes pressure notches, which makes the seal very responsive to changes in pressure or direction of travel. These seals are especially effective in applications where two different types of media need to be separated such as in piston accumulators, intensifiers, and position-holding applications. This makes this seal a good choice for applications such as stabilizers, accumulators, manlifts, and industrial presses. 

Operating Parameters

Pressure:                   7,200psi   (500Bar)
Operating Temp.:  -49º-392ºF   (-45º-200ºC)
Speed:                        6.5ft/sec   (2m/sec)

Similar Operating Performance To:

Trelleborg AQ-5
Hallite GPS

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