GFS-R01 Rod Seal

GFS-R01 Rod Seal

Rod seals are particularly exposed to pressure and friction and a long service life is a specific requirement of piston rods. The GFS-R01 Rod Seal is a high-performance general purpose seal, which can offer this with its outstanding wear and extrusion resistance. It is also compatible with virtually all media, has a wide operating temperature range, gives low friction. It has compact installation dimensions and is ease to assemble.

Operating Parameters

Pressure:                   6,000psi   (400Bar)
Operating Temp.:  -30º-230ºF   (-35º-110ºC)
Speed:                        3ft/sec   (1m/sec)

Similar Operating Performance To:

Trelleborg Zurcon® U-Cup RU9
Hallite 601-SYM

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