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Wear Rings

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    Wear-Bands, or bearings, have an incredibly important role in providing stability between the piston and the cylinder bore. 

  • Bearing 1

    The cross sectional geometry of the wear band has impact on the stability, lubrication, pressure and cost of the wear bands.

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    Multiple Piston Wear bands can be utilized to increase stability and piston seal life.

Case Study Icon FAHydraulic wear bands, or bearings, provide critical stability to both piston and rod sealing systems.  The primary role of wear bands is to prevent metal on metal contact between the two mating systems within the cylinder.  However, additional functionality includes limiting side-loading and preventing pressure spikes. 

The cross sectional geometry of the bearings is of critical importance and must be matched to the sealing application.  The length of the stroke, pressure and temperature of the system all contribute to the final design of the rod and piston bearings.

Case Study Icon FANew materials have increased friction limiting properties.  A range of plastics, thermoplastics, various PTFE blends, and newly developed fabric reinforced materials can be customized by Gallagher engineers for your application.  

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