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Wiper Seals

Wipers in hydraulic sealing applications protect the interior sealing system from environmental contaminants.  Cylinders need to operate in the extreme operating conditions, and a single contaminant will have significant impact on the performance and up-time of a piece of equipment.  Contamination is one of the primary causes for hydraulic sealing system failure.  The selection of a proper, robust exclusionary wiper is a critical step in the optimization of any cylinder sealing system.

Some of the considerations when selecting a wiper are the following: Application Requirements, Groove Geometry, Lip Geometry, Redundant Sealing lips, environment and rod seal interaction.  Any unforeseen element with these six design considerations can have a dramatic impact on the sealing environment, and the performance of the attached equipment.


The GFS-W01 Wiper Seal is a single-acting, heat-molded elastomer scraper. To prevent dirt passing the outside of the wiper and to reduce the pumping action, the outside diameter is an interference fit with the housing.  The comb-profile sealing surface on its outer diameter guarantees a firm seat in the groove. It is easy to install in closed grooves.

The double-acting rubber scraper, GFS-W02 Wiper Seal, is designed for large diameter hydraulic applications. It is designed to exclude dirt and moisture from entering the cylinder, and to collect traces of fluid passing the rod seal.  With its "heavy" cross section it is a natural extension of GFS-W01 for diameters over 400mm / 15.75in. 

The GFS-W03 Wiper Seal is a metal caged scraper with an rubber or polyurethane lip. Designed for press-fit installation into open groove housings, including grooves to ISO 6195 Type B.  The GFS-W03 is capable of operating in dirty conditions - the proportions of the wiping lip allow it to follow the side movement of the rod and to clear away heavily deposited dirt.

A double-acting scraper with both a sealing and a scraping lip in nitrile. For applications in conjunction with seals that give back pumping performance, such as the GFS-R06 Rod Seal.

The GFS-W05 Wiper Seal is a double-acting O-Ring energized scraper that prevents the ingress of mud or other contaminants, increasing effective system service life. It has a secondary sealing capability for use with back pumping performance seals such as GFS-R06 Rod Seal.