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DiamondFace Coating

Excellent Performance Through Diamond Coating

picture of diamondfaceMechanical seals are a factor that has a decisive effect on the cost-effectiveness of your operation. Because their wear determines the productivity of the entire system, whether it is a pump, agitator or compressor. What causes damage to the seal faces? One reason is dry running which is often unavoidable due to insufficient lubrication or when gas-lubricated seal faces get in contact. The resulting temperature rise causes the seal to wear. And ultimately results in system downtimes.

EagleBurgmann has solved this problem which directly affects the success of your plant. The solution is DiamondFace. Thanks to DiamondFace, the service life of mechanical seals is increased several times over, the maintenance intervals are extended accordingly and the life cycle costs are greatly reduced. The advantages for the operator are clear:

Minimal Friction

Minimized friction coefficient when dry running and when exposed to fluid friction. The measured value is 5 times lower than with a standard SiC/SiC pairing.

  • No problems caused by inadequate lubrication
  • Tolerant to dry running
  • Low heat generation
  • Less cooling capacity required
  • Higher operating temperatures possible

Minimal Wear and Maintenance

The average wear of the hard diamond layer in pure dry running mode is an outstanding 0.08 ... 0.2 μm/h.

  • Extending the maintenance intervals optimizes the entire system from the costs viewpoint
    • Unparalleled wear resistance even with solids or abrasive media
    • Long operating period
    • Highest chemical resistance
    • Highest corrosion resistance
    • No abraded particles to contaminate the product
    • Excellent heat conductivity

Excellent Adhesion

The diamond bonds chemically with the silicon carbide and the resulting layer adhesion exceeds all known practical requirements.

  • Extremely robust and solves the problem of crack defects and flaking
  • No delamination
  • Long operating period

Optimal Surface Flatness

The surface flatness of DiamondFace seal faces lies within the tolerance range of uncoated silicon carbide seal faces.

  • Full functional reliability

All of these factors provide the best operational performance for your EagleBurgmann mechanical seal, increasing service life of both the seal and entire system.


The Success of DiamondFace Technology

Numerous applications in the fields of oil & gas, refineries, chemical, slurry, pharma, and water supply are a testament to the added value that DiamondFace can bring to the overall performance of a facility. This innovation has thousands of success stories relating to its application in a vast range of industrial sectors. Worldwide.

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