Cartex Cartridge Seals


Cartex vs. Modular Design Platform

For more than twenty years, EagleBurgmann Cartex Cartridge Seals have demonstrated a proven track record in sealing applications on all standard pump types in a wide range of industries including chemical, water supply, paper production, food processing and more. Cartex does not utilize a modular design platform like many others.

Modular designs use generic hardware components which result in compromised seal designs. This sacrifices seal performance and reliability resulting in higher total cost of ownership and lower equipment MTBF/operating efficiencies. 

Modular designs inherently require:

  • Unnecessary additional parts
  • Smaller springs and part cross sections
  • Added o-rings and potential leak paths
  • Seal faces with higher sensitivity to “off pump” operation

The Cartex Advantage

  • A simple, robust engineered design
    • Less sensitive, increased MTBR
  • Larger springs
    • More stable, robust for lower internal stresses
  • Larger cross section seal faces (low distortion/ low drive stresses)
    • Minimizes leakage
  • Larger/stronger pins
    • Provides distortion free torque transmission to sealing faces
  • Fewer o-rings and components
    • Reduced possible leakage paths
  • High performance pumping feature
    • Lower operating temperatures

Compared to the modular design with many complex parts, Cartex has been specifically engineered with a simple, robust design to achieve higher overall reliability and performance in extreme conditions.

Cartex-ASTN and -ABTN (Single Seal with Busing)

Cartex-ASQN and -ABQN (Single Seal w/Lip Seal)

ASTN & ABTN are designed for operating with an internal steam quench. Flange includes a fixed carbon throttle bushing which also acts as a “disaster bushing”. In the event of primary seal failure, the bushing holds pressure and the drain port directs leakage to a defined location to provide an additional safety option. Available in small bore (ASTN) and big bore (ABTN) configurations. ASQN & ABQN have a lip seal in place of a throttle bushing and allows for use of a pressureless liquid internal quench.

cartex dual webCartex-ASDN and -ABDN (Dual Pressureized or Dual Unpressurized)

ASDN & ABDN can be utilized as dual pressurized or unpressurized configurations and are an excellent choice in sealing hostile or hazardous process fluid environments. A patented integrated circulating device provides effective cooling for the barrier fluid. Available in small bore (ASDN) and big bore (ABDN) configurations. The dual balanced inboard face design ensures that the seal faces remain closed even in the event of buffer pressure failure or pressure reversal.

eCartex (High Performance DiamondFace Technology)

DiamondFace webThe eCartex is an innovative option which utilizes the EagleBurgmann DiamondFace technology. DiamondFace seals are extremely hard and wear-resistant and exhibit low friction, excellent heat conductivity and are chemically inert. In addition, they have better dry running properties when there is poor lubrication of the seal faces. 

The robust seal faces extend the service life by up to 100%. This reduces unscheduled  plant shutdowns and the associated production losses. eCartex is suitable for applications in the processing industry, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food, water and wastewater markets. eCartex offers enormous advantages in the initial installation, standardization, retrofits and conversion of packings.

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