Splitex Mechanical Seals

Splitex® seals can save you time and money

splitexFully split, pre-assembled Splitex® mechanical seals are an ideal solution to replace gland packing, when there is insufficient space for installation or replacement of a non-split seal, if pump disassembly is very difficult and time consuming, loss of production during downtime would be very expensive, or the machine operates without standby - use the EagleBurgmann Splitex®, and expensive downtime is history.

The Splitex® is made up of 2 x 2 pre-assembled halves which are simply placed around the shaft and screwed into place without the need to disassemble the pump. The seal has the same features as a non-split cartridge seal: balanced, stationary design, precision seal pre­adjustment and no contact between the springs and the product. Additionally no modification to the seal housing is needed, because the Splitex® is mounted fully on the outside. The seal is externally pressurized and comes with integrated flushing connections as a standard feature.

Due to these inherent advantages, the seals are often used in water and waste water treatment, pulp and paper, marine, textile and general process applications in a wide range of pumps and agitators.

Splitex Advantages

  • Reduced repair and downtime: 2 x 2 pre­-assembled parts, which speeds up and simplifies installation because the pump does not have to be disassembled
  • Long service life: Precise pre-alignment because of pre-assembled segments. Stationary springs which are protected from the product prevent clogging
  • Greater flexibility during installation: no modification necessary because the seal is located outside of the stuffing box
  • Dependable operation: mechanical decoupling of clamping ring (torque transmission) avoids deformation or torsional stress at the seat
  • Simple monitoring of the seal during operation because of mechanical wear indicator on the seal face
  • Low leakage: elimination of secondary seals eliminates leakage paths between split components
  • High tolerance to shaft deflections ensured by stationary design and elastic seat mounting (gasket)
  • Shaft protection: uniform torque transmission via clamping ring prevents damage caused by set screws

Wide range of applications

  • Water and waste water technology
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Mining industry
  • Power plant technology
  • Shipbuilding
  • Process technology
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Agitators
  • Displacement pumps
  • Conveying limber to refiners with feeder screws
  • Conveying pulp with stock pumps
  • Pump stations for waste water treatment
  • Cooling water pumps for energy generation
  • Circulation of pulp and water mixtures in storage vessels

 Splitex Best Materials

  • Seal face: Carbon graphite antimony impregnated (A), Silicon carbide (Q6)
  • Seat: Silicon carbide (Q6)
  • Secondary seals: FKM (V), EPDM (E), NBR (P)
  • Springs: CrNiMo steel (G)
  • Metal parts (CrNiMo steel, CrNiMo cast steel (G)