Mechanical Seals for the Power Industry

As versatile as the requirements of the power industry: Sealing solutions from EagleBurgmann.

EagleBurgmann is one of the world’s leading system suppliers of sealing technology and has been a partner to the power industry for decades.

From the beginning, they have brought an innovative approach to shaping the sealing technology in this demanding industry. Throughout the world, their products and solutions are successfully deployed in all primary and secondary power station processes.

Sealing technology: A key component in the operation of power stations.

Reliably safe and very economical

No power station can be operated without seals. The number of sealing locations to be controlled is correspondingly large. So there are quite a number of plant components that need to be sealed: rotating equipment, such as pumps, agitators, coal mills and compressors; valves, flanges and pipes and ducts carrying gases and liquids.

The reliability of the entire power plant depends on a number of individual parts. The seals, as key components, play an important role. They protect the media in the process from external influences and help prevent emissions. They enhance process reliability, availability and economic viability of the power plant.

Sealing technology also often offers considerable potential for reducing costs – through process-orientated design and standardization, for example. The right product portfolio and knowledge of the processes and standards used allows EagleBurgmann to implement solutions that are not only technically safe and reliable, but economically first-rate as well.

Mechanical Seals for the Power Industry

EagleBurgmann's comprehensive product portfolio covers all the needs of the power industry. The range includes mechanical seals for pumps, agitators and compressors, and more.

Over the course of its long partnership with the power industry, EagleBurgmann has developed a range of standard, high-grade solutions which meet many of the industry’s diverse needs. They also design and manufacture special and one-off customer-specific solutions to suit individual applications.

This may mean a large series seal or an engineered one-off solution: EagleBurgmann products are always robust, reliable, easy to assemble and present a strong case due to their exemplary cost-benefit ratio. 

Fossil fuel-fired power plan applications - requirements and solutions

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Fossil-fueled power plants are defined as coal, gas or oil-fueled power plants that are equipped with a flue gas desulfurization plant. Coal-fired power plants are often used as base load or medium load plants. The machinery and parts installed in them run continuously. Gas and oil-fired plants are generally designed to operate as peaking power plants, and they can also be used for voltage balancing when renewable (solar or wind) generation systems are on the grid. Seals at these plants are often exposed to highly fluctuating thermal and mechanical stress.

Machine reliability and low susceptibility to failure are the crucial criteria in all of these applications. The machinery must be rugged enough to withstand high pressures, temperatures and sliding velocities. The machinery also has to deal with different media, such as river, sea, or ultra pure water in feedpumps and cooling circuits. Equipment in flue gas desulfurizations must be designed to be resistant against abrasive and corrosive lime milk suspensions and slurries.

EagleBurgmann's SH, H75, Cartex, and HR mechanical seals are utilized in cooling water, condensate, main feed and suspension pumps.

 EagleBurgmann sealing solutions for the nuclear power industry

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Products for very demanding applications at nuclear power plants

There are two basic types of nuclear reactors.

  • In a boiling water reactor, a complete loop containing radioactively contaminated steam and water has to be operated safely.
  • In a pressurized water reactor, the primary loop, which is contaminated with radioactive particles, is limited to the containment structure.

Human safety and environmental protection have top priority in the nuclear power industry. There must always be certainty that all applications will meet the most stringent safety standards even in emergency situations. The sealing technology must reliably and at all times withstand extreme operating conditions including high pressure, temperature and sliding velocities and meet extremely demanding quality criteria.

EagleBurgmann SH, H75 and HGH series mechanical seals have a proven track record going back more than 40 years in sealing applications that include main feed, condensate, main coolant, residual heat removal and fuel pool cooling pumps. Working together with our customers, we developed the innovative Espey WKA600S carbon floating ring seals for deployment in fast-action steam shut offs.  

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