HR321 Slurry Seal

HR321 Slurry SealHR Mechanical Seals 

  • Reliable and safe sealing of media containing the highest solids contents
  • Resistant to erosion and corrosion from the most abrasive and/or corrosive media
  • Materials can be optimally adapted to the application for the longest possible service life
  • Media that may be detrimental to the health or present other hazards can be sealed in an environmentally friendly and operationally safe manner
  • Seals can be standardized for optimum storage and improved system availability
  • Reduced water consumption and thus lower operating costs compared to the many pumps that are still sealed with packings today

HR321 Technical Benefits

  • Stationary seal concept
  • Open seal space
  • Single seal, balanced, no dead spaces
  • Sliding faces close to the impeller
  • Solid seal faces for high temperature stability and erosion and corrosion resistance
  • Protected springs away from the product and large axial movement
  • Large gaps between components
  • Elastically-mounted seat

Recommended Applications

  • Refining technology
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry

Superior Features of the HRS321

  • The HRS single seal is a product-lubricated mechanical seal
  • The cooling and lubrication of the faces are undertaken by the product itself
  • No barrier fluid systems; no maintenance or supervision required
  • No flush water or quench water needed
  • No water treatment required
  • The normal flushing of seals prior to pump shutdown is sufficient
  • No risk of product dilution or contamination
  • It can also be supplied with DiamondFace technology for more extreme conditions