MBS682 Mechanical Seal

mbs682 webMBS682 Metal Bellows Seal

The MBS682 is a narrow section, edge welded bellows seal for high temperature application. This seal incorporates a state of the art bellows design proven in thousands of applications around the world.

As its name implies, this bellows seal has been designed and tested per API 682 and is ideally suited for hot applications.

Available in single and dual cartridge seal arrangements.

Advantages of the MBS682 Mechanical Seal

  • Complete resistance to temperatures to 800˚F
  • No dynamic o-ring reduces seal face hangup
  • Bellows design minimizes variation in face load due to shaft expansion or face wear
  • Resistant to abrasive particles in pumpage, no shaft or sleeve fretting

Recommended Applications

  • Refining
  • Power plant
  • Chemical/Petrochemical industry
  • Hot media
  • Special rotating equipment

Operating Range

  • Temperature: -100˚F to +800˚F / -75˚C to +425˚C (with flexible static packing)
  • Pressure: Vacuum to 360 psi / 25 bar
  • Speed: up to 5,000 fpm / 25 m/s up to 10,000 fpm / 50 m/s


  • Seal Face: Proprietary high grade carbon / silicon carbide
  • Metal Components: Inconel® bellows with alloy 42 face housing, 316 SS adaptor. Other metal parts available upon request.
  • Gaskets: Grafoil