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Custom Molded

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    Molded parts can replace existing seals such as gaskets or O-rings.  The ability to combine 2 parts In to one, incorporate identification features and hold tighter tolerances are many such advantages of molded parts.

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    Large and geometric complex parts do not necessarily need to be injection molded with expensive tools.  The above parts are over 12” in length and come out of a compression tool.

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    Cast urethane components are very easily reversed Engineered by Gallagher.  Whether it is small run Production, or a maintenance application the casting Process easily replicates many of your existing parts.

Custom Molded parts from Gallagher offer high precision, tight dimensional tolerances and high surface quality.  For a new molded part, Gallagher engineers will consult with your design team to trouble shoot and optimize the application.  This process includes a thorough material consideration and geometric analysis.  Single cavity molds are utilized for small batch prototyping if virtual FEA analysis is not a sufficient for validating the performance of the part.

Case Study Icon FAGallagher works with the customer to test the performance of newly designed components.  To reverse engineer existing molded parts, Gallagher employs a 3 dimensional visual measuring system.  This technology allows for a virtual replica to be generated from the existing part.  From this model subtle changes can be incorporated and validated before a single tool has been cut or part molded. 

The optimal molding process for any part is dependent on many customer variables; including estimated quantity, part geometry, material, durometer (hardness), technical performance and budget.  The primary molding processes are compression, transfer and injection molding.  Submit your component print through the file share box above and Gallagher engineers can get started with your molded part.

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