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Continuously Molded

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    Traditional Spliced O-Rings lack the strength at the splice or joint to stand up to rigorous sealing applications.  Continuously molded O-rings solve this problem.

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    The proper amount of 'Squeeze,' or the relationship between the O-ring cross section and the hardware grooves, is best designed in consultation with a Gallagher engineer.

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    Continuously molded O-rings have applications in almost every market imaginable.  Aerospace, CPI, EOG, Semicon & General industry are just examples.

Large O-Rings have historically either been produced as extruded and spliced O-rings, or as custom rings molded within a serpentine tool.  Cord rings have weak bonds at their splice point, and serpentine mold produced O-rings have expensive tooling, and produce mixed performance results.  

Case Study Icon FAThrough Gallagher’s relationship as a preferred distributor for Parker-Hannifin’s Engineered Materials Group, their patented process of continuously molded O-Rings is available Gallagher customers.  These O-rings are recommended for use in any large diameter O-ring groove where spliced or serpentine rings would present reliability issues.

Typical applications are large chambers, vessels, lids, doors, containers, vacuum, high-pressure and specialty semi-dynamic applications.  These rings feature consistent properties throughout the diameter of the ring, and reduced potential for contamination through a weak spliced joint. 

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