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    The proper amount of 'Squeeze,' or the relationship between the O-ring cross section and the hardware grooves, is best designed in consultation with a Gallagher engineer.

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    Typical elastomeric materials available are Silicone, FKM and EPDM.  More exotic elastomers would require an RFQ to a Gallagher Engineer.

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    FEP or PFA encapsulated O-Rings have tremendous chemical and temperature resistance.  

PFA or FEP encapsulated O-Rings offer tremendous chemical and temperature compatibility compared to their elastomeric counterparts.  While high levels of temperature and chemical resistance exist for purely elastomeric O-rings, this performance comes at a premium cost. Depending on the application, an FEP or PFA O-ring may perform at levels consistent with a Perfluoroelastomeric O-ring.

Drawbacks to encapsulated O-rings are reduced sealing performance at low temperatures, and the lack of performance in dynamic applications.  Also, because most encapsulated O-rings are extruded and spliced, the quality of the bond can have significant impact on their performance.  

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